Working Together With Not Just Any Artist

Still happily working on the same project with my talented wife Silviya, known here as

Watercolor everywhere — on her screen, on her fingers, on our floor.

^ Photo by me ;)

She doesn't usually watercolor. And her style is something else than what I asked of her. But still, she does a great job of helping me develop some visual content for our card game...which is about Vikings and exploration.

I am trying to make some decent pictures myself but they are not that detailed as hers. And this post is about her help. mostly, anyway. I've already shared links to most of the pieces and here they are again:




An interesting fact, perhaps — this peak in the center was inspired by photographs of Mount Asgard (named after the realm of the Nordic Gods, known to a huge audience from Marvel movies, too) on Baffin Island, Canada. It is supposed to correspond to the legendary Helluland shore of the sagas. And it will be an important piece of our game.

And another piece with the same working title:


And here's my latest attempt at contributing to the visuals:

Concept Art For Western Shores #5 — A Farm. You Always Need One

Oh, we did some playtesting yesterday. I'll tell you about it soon.

Thank you for being with us!



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