My Inktober the 5-th - Build

Greetings, friends!

Coming with another doodle in ink, my second ever, not counting all the normal pen work on my school notebooks' pages. So... not the second ever but second in quite a while. Thank you Steem community for the challenge, I probably wouldn't be doing it without you!

Yesterday's topic was Build.

Here's where I learned about that.

I think no other kind of construction workers will be needed since everything is built by the cursor of the mouse, nowadays...

My previous Inktober posts:


While I am not very good at drawing yet, I expect to learn a few things by the end of this month. Would you?



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06.10.2019 07:35

Photography - checked!

And now you are doodling.

How amazing =) keep it up 💪💪💪

06.10.2019 08:10

Oh, it's so far from checked... I have double digits of ongoing photo projects that need so much work...

06.10.2019 08:22

All the strength and positive vibes for you.💪

06.10.2019 13:24

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06.10.2019 08:22

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06.10.2019 09:03

Using a mouse to build would take me forever 😂
Cool drawing!

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06.10.2019 13:00

Neat stuff! I like the mouse operators sign. Before too long you're going to be master of all the printed arts!

06.10.2019 13:58

I think that looks pretty darn good! I didn't dare enter this one. Good for you I look forward to seeing what else you learn.

06.10.2019 21:40