My Inktober the 4-th - Freeze

Black ice. It exists in William Gibson's stories, so why not?

Starting with a mess ;) In more than one aspect, perhaps.

Still, I have to tell you, that was a hard step to take since I wouldn't usually dare draw in ink. Let alone show it. But it is you all here that help me make such steps.

So great thanks! Happy to try along with others and challenge the challenge.



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05.10.2019 06:06

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05.10.2019 07:01

I like it and it pairs nice with some ideas I’ve mulling over for upcoming posts! 😁

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05.10.2019 07:38

Interesting. I would like to see that.

05.10.2019 07:55

It's pretty nice :) I also rarely draw on ink...or I should say I never did! Most of the times I only go with mechanical pencils or just my drawing tablet, because they are far more forgiving. Pens with ink just give me the fear of "what if I screw up"

Ah you've made me wanna draw something as well...but maybe not pen... (because I don't have a good drawing pen with me haha)

05.10.2019 08:29

That's the best effect I could wish for — making others try.

06.10.2019 04:43

This looks nice. I need to practice my drawing, photoshop, and digital art, too.

Did you draw the drips or just turn the paper verticle?

05.10.2019 09:06

Thanks! I drew them and sometimes the point would let some more ink to make it look more liquid but that's random.

05.10.2019 09:19

Congratulations you found a topic and took up the ink to get a post up Manol, doodling out black ice very different.

05.10.2019 09:15

Black Ice was from the Neuromancer i think? Cool drawing:)

05.10.2019 10:12

Браво! На якия арт веднага залепвам :) и аз тъкмо постнах някаква чернова... но твоето си е почти завършено ;)

pozvolih si go do testvam v deep dream generatora...samo za sobstvena precenka... eto rezultata:

05.10.2019 10:48

Лудница :) Значи съвсем спокойно можеш смело да пробваш с каквото ти хрумне и на теб самия. Просто се отпусни и си рисувай за кеф. Няма нужда да е завършено, аз последно време нямам търпение и съм се отказал да завършвам докрай такива неща ;)

05.10.2019 11:08

О да.. всичко е в прогресия...
и аз след дълги години дигитални произведения... реших в последното десетилетие да се отпусна да се изразявам в скици.....
имам някой неща на сайта.. а и тук публикувам за да маркирам идеите...
всичко Е-волюира..........

05.10.2019 11:12

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05.10.2019 11:37

At least you try and didn't fail.
I can't draw anything nowadays. But sometimes have to draw random things with my son.

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05.10.2019 19:18

Do you participate in the inkchallenge? Inktober?

05.10.2019 21:35

Kind of. Whatever I can find the time to doodle up and post on Steem, at least. Do you know about the challenge on #creativecoin? The first three tags I used. But I am giving a link to it in my new post, the one titled Inktober the 5-th on my blog. Although posted today.

06.10.2019 07:29

Fascinating - now what's it mean?

06.10.2019 02:02

Hacks. Not normal but obviously real unreal things happened.

06.10.2019 07:25

lol, you got me inspired to enter the contest! I have drawn anything in years, and it very obvious, lol. But it was fun drawing something instead of writing for a change.

06.10.2019 20:12