Missing Tiger, Hidden Reading Dragon — My Inktober the 12-th

You know why the title, right?

But did you know that some dragons prefer hoarding books to hoarding gold, according to D&D cosmology? That's why I tried...


And I tried...


And I tried...


But this is me. I have ideas but my drawing skills are yet quite...lacking. Not to worry, though. I will continue trying. And someday, I will see the dragon in m...

Yeah, right.

Let's talk about books, instead.

It's been twice in a row when I pick a book because it's a title in the bibliography of a certain author I like...And it turns out to be connected to something I read and I loved. Do you actually go through any book reviews? I mostly listen to friends I trust when they recommend a new author and once I like his or her work, I read everything I find decent-looking...

I mean, for instance, I like Stephen King and his style, but I don't like horror in general. Still, I read some horror of both him and Dan Simmons for the same reason. I like the authors. That prevails.

So, again, when I select books on the shelf, it's not because I read reviews. It's more often a case of me seeing the writer's name and then a title to my liking. And I am curious to find for myself what lies within.

How about you?

Well, back to Inktober...

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Do you...Inktober?

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24.10.2019 19:02

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24.10.2019 22:21

I also love to read, and if I find an interesting author, I read everything. The last thing I read was the dragon cycle by Anne Inez McCaffrey "the Riders of Pern".

24.10.2019 22:56

I read two of those, translated into Bulgarian, some... 16 years ago. I was selling books at a stand on the street then.

25.10.2019 03:40

Just continue trying as long as you enjoy the process =)

25.10.2019 16:08