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This New era online casinos have taken the world by storm and have undoubtedly made waves in the gaming industry. Every week seems like new online casinos are coming to life,making online gambling highly competitive and an overly crowded market. With this fact, it sometimes making it hard for the online gamers to choose from thousands and more online casinos.

playing only in a safe, secure, and reputable online slots casino is the secret to wining, i will share my thoughts on this subject matter. You don't have to worry and don't have to think twice which online casino is best for you. We now have BetTronLive - a live dealer casino based on the Tron Network Blockchain , that will take user experience to the next level.

Here are the reasons that'll make you love @bettronlive even more :

1) BetTronLive offers all your Favourite Games
Bettronlive is dedicated to give gamers a new way to earn and play and it does wants to share revenues to their active and loyal players. So they have integrated live dealer casino and standard games with wide range of selection which will be updated every 15 days. As of today LAMBO dice game has been launched, you can check more about it here . Platform's games will gradually expand from few popular games to POKER, RNG,SLOTMACHINES, and SPORTS BOOKIES. All games will be governed by TRON network's priciple of providing a source of safe and predictable income to token holders.

2) BetTronLive is a Tron-Based Platfrom
Blockchain technology is good for the online gambling industry. Its mind-blowing concept gets rid of centralization and gives players more transparency on the gaming site’s house edge. Since TRON network is focused on entertainment and gaming products , it is indeed the perfect fit for this platform,making sure of the security,transparency,fairness,fast and smooth transactions.

3) BetTronLive's User-friendly and graphically pleasant website
The website and how it looks like, is where users will get their first impression for the online casino. That is why BetTronLive built it as an easy to navigate but still a very attractive and enjoyable to play with website. @bettronlive's site allows users to speak with their language to have easier understanding of the rules , potential questions and disputes.
4) BetTronLive has its own Crypto Tokens
The BetTronLive platform uses two currencies — TRX and RAKE. TRX is the native currency of the Tron blockchain and is primarily used for betting in BetTronLive’s platform. RAKE on the other hand is a TRC20-based Token, mined through PROOF OF PLAY or simple concept of proof of work given as rewards to players for their betting participation and accounts as their stake on revenues generated in the platform.

5) BetTronLive's Deposit and Withdrawals
BetTronLive live has chosen Tronlink wallet because it is backed by the TRON Network. Click here to find out how to make your own wallet and how to add your address on the bettronlive's platform . Assuming that the players’ TronLink wallet already holds the funds they wanted to use for gaming and the current state of the wallet is “unlocked,” the moment they enter the website it will automatically link their wallet to BetTronLive’s gaming platform. Each time a wager is executed the system automatically deposits or withdraws directly from the wallet of the players. The TRON blockchain guarantees that all transactions will be consummated, verified and finalized.

6) BetTronLive's Bonuses and Rewards
Before its launch time , BetTronLive had it's Power Pick Draw: Biggest TRX Prize Giveaway Ever!, wherein those who had joined just had to enter their TRX wallet address and already had their chance of winning , and it's only 8 days from the announcement of winners. So exciting!

BetTronLive have allocated 1,000,000 RAKE (10M TRX) for all bounty hunters , to know more about it you can check the details here

5% of all generated revenue from our in-house games goes directly into the FOMO Jackpot in real-time!

Payday Pot that is set to withdraw every week. The Payday Pot is a bonus for all RAKE holders created from our weekly revenue

You can earn rake through mining and dividends are paid in TRX at the end of each mining level , it will pe paid automatically.

By watching ads, you can earn rake .

The more Rake you hold , the more Rake you'll earn

BetTronLive Can be Played Anytime , Anywhere

With the super technology we have right now , especially the love of people to use only their smart phones for everything they do online . At @bettronlive , users can play from any PC , notebook , tablet , windows or any android phone . Players can definitely play at the comfort of their own home or anywhere they're comfortable with. No need to download any software ,because it is available through desktop version, that means , it only needs to be opened in a browser.

BetTronLive's Referral Program

Each referral will be rewarded with a 0.2% on all their wagers , for example: for every 1000 TRON tokens bet a userwill receive 2 TRX

BetTronLive's Support Services

BetTronLive has a 24/7 help desk dedicated to customer support and technical support as well for troubleshooting , questions and quick reference guide.

The abovementioned items are the highlighted reasons that will definitely make you choose @bettronlive, and it'll keep you coming back for more because of the feeling that winning is just always around the corner. It's all gonna be worth all your time , effort and money. Always remember to have fun and never play for more money than what you can afford to lose.

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