Heritage issues

Daily chore, you need to be done and responsibilities can no longer come to you, your nerves may be distorted, you do not have much duty on you now you can throw away. Watch your health throughout the week. Especially the heart, circulatory system and blood pressure.


In your work environment, your tolerance to people you work with may be reduced, and you may not be able to tolerate mistakes. In your work environment, you can rebel against the people you work with, you can storm a spoon of water.

Do not resign, do not tip anyone, especially your customers. It is not a suitable week to take major serious risks, especially in financial matters, but a loss of money may occur here or at best a customer.


You may need to solve a financially important crisis and close a debt urgently. This week you may need to focus on spending, money, earnings, debts, payments, alimony issues, heritage issues.

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