The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Ten Years To Come

Artificial intelligence  involves the imitation  of human intelligence  or brilliancy  into computers. Popularly known as AI, it involves the simulation of certain human traits like learning and analytical skills into machines.

Technology  has really changed the world from the way we move from one geographical  location  to another, how we communicate  with each  other  and so on. So is the growth of Artificial intelligence, artificial  intelligence  have changed over the years and is now an integral  part of technology  and its fastly becoming an important  assistant in human life, artificial  intelligence  can be found in our home, office, schools, hospitals, etc it's now playing  an active  functions in our lives.
The future  of Artificial  intelligence is really  interesting and helpful  cause it would be used in many sector ranging from  health, education, security, business, etc. It would make life more easy and safe for humans. Firstly is through the adoption of driverless  cars, with the present advancement  of  automobiles  for example  automobiles  engines  were mostly  gasoline  fueled also know as internal combustion engines  but since the late 19th and early 20th century the electric car which is powered by electricity  or rechargeable batteries.
Since the introduction  of electric cars,  computer programmers and scientists  have been  finding ways to integrate artificial

 Intelligence  into vehicles  to make them move safely on their own without the need of driver.   Lots of research is been made to achieve this and in the next 10 years am sure most of the automobiles  on road will be driven  by Artificial  intelligence  which have been  programmed to navigate  their ways around also obey traffic  rules and regulations  thereby reducing the incident of accidents  and also casualties  in accidents.

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Secondly  artificial  intelligence  will be a powerful  tool in reducing  racism especially  online abuse or other forms of cyberbullying, racism  is one of human present challenges though  there are regulations  to stop racism and this as really  helped in reducing racism  physically but people still abuse or bully others on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They post discriminatory  comments and threats on social media and this affect the victim psychologically  as they feel inferior among others, a perfect example  was what happened last month when a popular  football legend Thierry Henry deleted all his social  media platform due to rasicts comment directed towards  him, he said the comments are making lose his mind and also he advised the social media owners to find way to regulate racism on social media. Artificial intelligence  would have been updated to track the issues of cyber bully because in the next  few years its would have learned  about all forms of racist post and comment and would be able to detect it faster before they're  posted online also it would be able to  track the rasicts  and report them to the appropriate  authorities  thereby making social media more comfortable  for everyone with the fear of been attacked by  an unknown person.

Thirdly Artificial  intelligence  will make the country safer in many forms,  crime rate is growing at a very fast pace and also there are more casualties  been involved now  but with the development  of artificial  intelligence   especially  robots who are trained  to prevent  and stop  crimes this will reduce the rate of causalities  especially  during shootout  since robots don't die and the damaged one can be easily recycle  also it will  help in reducing cyber  crime as this artificial intelligence  assistant would have been trained to detect irregularities  and stop any financial  fraud  thereby making the internet safe for business.
Fourthly artificial intelligence  will aid humans in running their home through the use of artificial  intelligence  assistant,  this assistant will make  chores comfortable  as many homes appliances will be powered by artificial  intelligence and this will aid humans in taking care of their homes  easily as there won't  be need  to stress oneself since the artificial intelligence assistant knows what  to do and when to do and also the home will be safer as  this assistant  can detect emergencies  and alert the appropriate  authorities  to help also this assistant  will act more like a human than a machine because  it will be able to interact freely  with humans and detect mood and feelings also it will  give advice and recommendations  so it's like a partner. Examples of artificial intelligence assistant  is  Alexa owned by Amazon and Google  home.

Artificial intelligence would have boost communication and interactions among humans, communication  is an essential  part of human live,  one feels lonely if there's  lack of communication   so over the years mode of communication  have improved and changed alot  but in the next few years communication  will be much more better than now through the use of artificial  intelligence  for example  holographic  images  would be in use more than now and people will be able to communicate almost physically  with each other even though  they're  in different  geographical  location, also  it would bridge the language barrier as artificial  intelligence  will be able to translate language to one's choice for example, a Chinese  man in Paris will be able to understand  French faster as the AI assistant  will  be able to translate  the French to Chinese  for him.

Also in few years time lots of business will be automated  as there won't be need for physical human to human contacts as people can shop their items from the comfort of their homes and their purchase will be delivered to their doorsteps  this would ease the use of queues  to make payment for goods as payments can be done faster through internet banking  and also business owners won't need to employ lots of people to run business as a single Artificial intelligence assistant  can do the work of many employees   thereby reducing cost for the employer.

Lastly  artificial  intelligence  will  be  integrated  fully into the public sector, presently the various government  have seen the urgent need to adopt artificial intelligence  into public sector  especially  since the world is  becoming more digital. Artificial  intelligence  will  make government  work more easy firstly artificial Intelligence  will  bridge the communication  gap between the government  and it citizen  as the government  will  be able to communicate  freely through  artificial  intelligence  that passes  information  quickly  also it would help government  keep tracks of their citizens  as government  might be able to assess all citizens location especially the shady ones also it keep them alert of possible natural  disasters  like earthquakes,tornadoes,etc.

The future of artificial  intelligence  is very bright  as it'll  help human in a lot of ways also it's a very vital  tool in creating a smart city.

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Artificial intelligence It is a tool that has many possibilities, but I think very detailed regulations are needed in this regard. Especially to repair the consequences that its misuse or application can bring, since it is evident that this technology is going to be used by criminals and people with bad intentions.So we must work as a society to prevent this, and plan once and for all the methods to eliminate or alleviate this problem.

And I say this from my point of view as an artificial intelligence enthusiast. I believe that we must always see all sides of the same situation.

13.04.2021 21:28

The benefits of AIs is really numerous and it is certain that it will increase over time. Nice read

14.04.2021 12:04