Examples of life: Joseph, hope and trust.




An extraordinary example of life, we find it in Joseph, son of Jacob. Hope and trust inspire us the life of Joseph. In Genesis 40, we find much of the exemplary life of this Israelite.

God does not always attend to our needs immediately or in the way we expect. Why not? Because it often redirects us or prepares us for something new. Joseph's life in the Old Testament gives us a perfect example of this.

Although Joseph had visions that one day he would be a great ruler (Genesis 37: 6-10), the realization of that dream took a long time. In fact, before God raised Joseph, he took him to the lowest point imaginable: to prison, for a false accusation.

Why did God take so long to free Joseph from his chains and empower him?
Answer: For a more important purpose to be fulfilled, that is, that he can learn to depend on the Lord, regardless of his circumstances. By his faithful obedience and trust during his darkest moments, God was able to save Joseph's entire family and the nation of Egypt from a terrible famine (Genesis 45: 5-8).

Similarly, while God is in the process of redirecting our lives, it sometimes takes time to meet some needs. For what reason? So that your plan can be fulfilled for us and for others.

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The character of Joseph gives clear indications of how God works his ways in the life of men. Good to ahare with us.


22.11.2019 06:07

@mamidalia the example of Jose is really worthy of imitating and teaches us that God fulfills his purpose in all those who do not give up in the face of adversity but persevere more strongly because they know that their trust is in God and His victory comes from Him.

22.11.2019 11:57