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CONTEST "Children's Drawings": Week #25 🐬DOLPHIN🐬 by MalihaFarhan

Assalamu Alaikum Steem's Family. Greetings to you all by my side and from my daughters as well. I am fine by the grace of God. May God protect us all from evils Aameen. May God bless us all with happiness health and wellness. This post is a Participation post of drawing

Dolphin for the contest created by our dear @strawberrry. who brings every week a great contest challenge for kids. This drawing is made by my daughter Hamna Farhan who is 11 years old. Today is officially first day of spring holidays kids are at home and want to do something . All day they were running here and there finally I am tired and I offer her to draw a dolphin for contest. She tried to make one.


She likes dolphin very much because of her friendly behaviour. She only saw dolphin in movies and cartoon but not in real. She wants to meet dolphin once in life. My little one also want to make one she also draw one but couldn't successful. So I only posted hamna's drawing. I hope you like her effort. Thank You For Reading My Post.

Name Detail
Camera Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Camera Lens Original
Editing App None
Image Type Contest Drawing
Artist Hamna Farhan
Age 11 Years Old
Making Date 26-03-2022

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