Over 1,000 Google Employees Co-Signed Letter to Target Breitbart as “prohibited content”

Project Veritas has received and published documents from an insider at Google. The documents show Google employees discussing a letter asking Google leadership “to end Google’s business relationship with Breitbart.” This is the fifth release in a series of document releases from insiders at Google.

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Project Veritas

According to the documents, the letter was co-signed by over one thousand Google employees. Breitbart News has published similar materials which reportedly show a group at Google “sought to strike at Breitbart News’ revenue by kicking the site off Google’s market-dominating ad services.”

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Google have too much power, something needs to be done to ensure it remains objective.

10.07.2019 20:02

I agree, and I think we might be getting a little closer to that "something" being done :)

Keep steemin my friend !!

10.07.2019 20:09

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