The Diary Game: 31/03/2021: Fruitful day

I greet you all able and capable steemians. I bring to you today the last day of the month of March my Diary.

Today morning I woke up with a question in my spirit. What is the purpose of your existence? I wondered why the question kept hunting and kicking me around but it finally opened me to a scripture 1 Samuel 9:19-20. I'm still meditating on that word.
During my pondering on that, I went through my daily activities.
Began by brushing my teeth, warmed food, fixed the bed and accompanied my friend to fetch water.

When all that was done, I was expecting a visitor who came at 10am and we chatted and played for about 4hours. The main activity was candy crush😂


Then I went to corners to see her off and bamm met another friend going to board a taxi and we just followed to the taxi point.

I left for home, took my bath and went to another friend at up Quartier. We discussed scripture over some cold juice and banana. Since he was cooking.

Was a great moment there. I enjoyed every it of discussion as I didn't see the time fly. I left his place at 6pm and my very close classmate wanted me to come to her place. Which I couldn't refuse. She offered me food but had to decline coz I was filled already.
At about 7:50pm I took the road to my home. I arrived home at 8:20pm

Finally finally I slept a little and at 11pm I woke up to prepare for midnight prayers and also to welcome the new month.
Thanks for readinng, God blss you, shalom ❤️

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