The Diary Game: 11/05/2021: A prayer filled day

Hello dear diary, I apologise for not being active for the past 2 days. Some issues came up I had to resolve before coming back, though they're not totally over but we trust God for a smooth restart.
I bring to you today my diary of the 11th of May 2021

Dear diary

This morning I woke up at 6am of course before then I had done my spiritual duties as a Christian to pray 4hours before. The day being Tuesday, I had to get to school to attend our meeting aimed at completing our exposé topics at 8am but that time being the time of the pidgin newscast on Equinox I had to wait and watch.
I had already dressed up and ready to leave when the news began. We'll the part which caught my attention was the inaugural mass of the new bishop of the kumbo diocese.
Kumbo is at the heart of gunshots as a result of the sociopolitical crisis in the two english speaking regions of Cameroon which has lasted for the past 4 years.
During the ceremony, gunshots were heard and everyone was on the floor during the mass. It looked funny but it kept me thinking in what mess we are!

(Christians on the floor listening to the word of God)
The news was barely finished when I left, because my group members had been waiting for me. I left the house, kept the smile and I took some picts at my usual "selfie spot" 🤳
Where my brother later joined and we took some before I left.


At 9am I was at school and we began working till 4pm oh God! I was exhausted just thinking about the fact that I had to attend the Tuesday midweek service at church and while standing because coupled with ushering I also cover the whole program on video record. I prayed for strength and the strength I got.

I arrived church while they were still cleaning and I packed the chairs as they were supposed to be and sat at the last bench to whisper some things to God about the service and those attending.


Service began at 5pm on the dot and for the next 2hours we were being blessed with a teaching on how Amazing God is in his doings. The title was Amazing Facts

After the service I headed straight home on foot and had this unusual urge to pray that I forgot to eat. Once I was done praying I followed a lecture online and slept off waking up only at 2am to pray again! Before I ate.
That was how my day went.
I thank you all for reading through and God bless you. Shalom ❤️

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Hello bro am so encouraged by your zeal for the things of God. Seeing people like this gives me alittle hope for this generation



13.05.2021 10:20

That news of the bishops visit in kumbo was also humorous to me
I love your praying spirit
I will love to develop my praying spirit to be like you

13.05.2021 10:30

I'm happy you love and desire such ohh. I could still help but it needs extreme discipline!😅

13.05.2021 10:44

Wow what a charged day you had @majerius
My God held this regions


13.05.2021 12:21


13.05.2021 12:22

It was not the inaugural mass of a new bishop. It was the 40th anniversary of the bishop of kumbo. He was celebrating his 40th year as a relic after his ordination.
@noelamontana. It was not the bishop who visited kumbo. It was the governor and he had to sleep in Kumbo because of the too much gunshot that day.
I hope all of these gunshots come to an end. People are getting tired already.




13.05.2021 12:40

Thanks ooooo I was really confused on the matter

13.05.2021 13:30

That our famous selfie corner I will ban u from taking pictures there, oh I love the work you do for God,only him will reward you.after school you have to go to church despite the tiredness .courage man

13.05.2021 16:03

Amen Je alone rewards in secret

14.05.2021 20:47

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