KINGSWAP NFTs πŸ‘‘ = maximizing the "power" of the DeFi protocol, which will challenge Sushiswap and Uniswap!πŸ‘‘


Cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, security tokens, digital assets and their classifications evolve along with cryptography and blockchain technology. Non-exchangeable tokens, or NFTs are another example of rapid changes in the industry. In this guide we explore what they are, how they work, and how they are used.

Why does NFT play a role in the Future of Blockchain Economy?

Many experts believe non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) to be the true future of the blockchain economy,


Non-exchangeable tokens have unique attributes, they are usually linked to a specific asset. They can be used to prove ownership of digital items such as game skins to ownership of physical assets.

Other tokens can be exchanged, in the same way as coins or banknotes. Tokens that can function identically, they have the same attributes and values when exchanged.


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Innovative ways of utilizing NFTs are now coming to market - one of the ways for the community to benefit from buying NFTs is being offered by the Kingswap Project, which is issuing 3 NFT tiers - their King Vamp, Queen Sparkle, and Knight Lancelot NFTs. (

Buyers of these 3 types of NFTs of the Kingswap project can enjoy loyalty rewards from the $KING tokens being issued by the Kingswap project. This allows the purchasers to enjoy similar benefits to the early users of the very popular Uniswap project, which gave an airdrop of 400 UNI tokens to all their users from before 1 September 2020, which was a huge bonus payout to their early supporters (approximately USD 1200 worth of rewards for free at the initial issue price of USD 2,90 per UNI token when distributed).

Buyers of the Kingswap project’s King Vamp NFTs would enjoy the top tier (60% of allocations) of rewards issued by the Kingswap project, for both their $KING tokens, as well as any future projects that wish to provide marketing campaign airdrops to promote their new projects launching on the Kingswap Decentralized Exchange.

Queen Sparkle NFT buyers would enjoy mid-tier rewards (30%) from such airdrops, and Knight Lancelot NFT buyers would enjoy basic tier rewards (10% of allocations) from such airdrops. These are some of the most cutting edge and innovative ways that the Kingswap project have come up with to reward their early adopters and loyal community members and supporters through the issuance of NFTs.

King Token NFTs Presale

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KingSwap Features

Convert Tokens to Fiat Currencies: KingSwap allows users to easily convert their tokens to fiat currencies through its "off-ramp fiat conversions" feature. This feature allows users to easily switch their $ KING to FIAT currencies.
Legal: Unlike other DAOs that do not have clear legal support, KingSwap is a platform that pays attention to user convenience. Therefore KingSwap has a legal structure that will provide legitimacy and a reliable regulator that will support the KingSwap team.


Every time a user participates in providing liquidity into the pool, the user will be entitled to a $ KING token, which allows the user to get a portion of the protocol's fee.

Get rewarded:

Every participant such as swapper and liquidity providers will be entitled to a reward for their loyalty. Rewards can be in the form of 0% card transaction fees, higher interest and merchant benefits like FREE Netflix, Spotify accounts and exclusive members access to worldwide airport lounges, and many others.
UI Interface: The KingSwap platform has a beginner-friendly interface and is almost similar to UniSwap and SushiSwap. So if users have previously used UniSwap or SushiSwap, they will be familiar with the KingSwap interface.


Kingswap Smart-contract

KingSwap has a smart contract which is named "The Royal Decree" which is intended to facilitate and secure every transaction processed on the platform. The public can view available smart contracts at the following link

No More "Fishy" Smart-Contract Code!

A few weeks before as we know some news about "Backdoor" Code on the smart contract on one of the DeFi platforms, it was Unicat, which is harm to the community. KingSwap Source Code can be seen by everyone here, It has been audited by trusted parties and of course provides security for its users beside that no more Backdoor code that trick the community!




KingSwap is backed by a credible team and was built to conform to stringent regulatory requirements.

KingSwap is a new and exciting Decentralized Digital Exchange that challenges the competitive models and protocols of an already successful DeFi protocol – UniSwap.


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