My BTC Limit Sniper Flipping Strategy (trade #4)

I managed to snipe a nice trade during this weekend as well (pretty quick trade: just 2.5 hours). Let's see if I achieve my goal of 500% ROI with around 3 buy limit trades with 2% TP (plus 10x to 20x leverage) in the next 2 weeks or so...Last time I was so close but the market decided that it was time for a correction..I believe that now we are at the start of the uptrend at least till around $72,000 BTC so we'll see how that goes.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a financial adviser and this is not a financial advise. Remember, most traders lose money.


💎 MY MISSION is get to a level where I would end everyday in profit. 💎

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hello friend, I am seeing that you are regularly taking upvotes from tipu by sending steem. Are you really getting profit with it and if yes how much percentage you are getting? my another question is whether upvote percentage are same in case of steem and sbd? please reply.

03.05.2021 10:50