Day 38 | GBP/USD 1m Scalping of breaks after retest (26th of May 2021) - nice trade [VIDEO]

Today I had to wake up sooner, so I took the opportunity to trade the London session instead of my typical NY session. It went pretty OK, although I didn't trade the trend as I tried the risky trade - bounce of the market maker did bounce but actually continued down...I took quick profits like a sniper exactly at the turning point of the pullback so all good...that was enough to finish my trading day as I always try to preserve the profits rather than maximize and thus don't trade after a winning trade for the day.

Today's opportunities:


My trade:

💎MY MISSION is get to a level where I would end every day in profit.💎
DISCLAIMER: I'm not a financial adviser and this is not a financial advise. Remember, most traders lose money.

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