Day 29 | GBP/USD 1m Scalping of breaks after retest (13th of May 2021) - $30 in 10 minutes [VIDEO]

Very quick trades today as well..I did a lot of different stuff today and didn't really have time for it...but still managed to be lucky enough to come to the computer and see and take opportunity of a nice price action ....1 in the middle of NY session and then one after that.

I normally try to avoid trading after NY session as the market starts to get really slow generally and I don't wanna get trapped trying to get back my loss should that it would be much slower or almost impossible (depending on the loss) during these trading hours where the price likes to stay within some consolidations most of the time..
Today's opportunities:


My trade:

💎MY MISSION is get to a level where I would end every day in profit.💎
DISCLAIMER: I'm not a financial adviser and this is not a financial advise. Remember, most traders lose money.

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