Day 14 | GBP/USD 1m Scalping on "W" Pattern (22th of April 2021) - lost $150 - broken my rules again [VIDEO]

I really don't know what's happening with me, I cannot respect my strategy....If I didn't move my SL to breakeven so soon I could have finish the trading day with my daily target within 5 minutes....instead I got stopped out at BE and then entered a serious of trades against the flow.

I learnt that it's not enough to just wait for a "W" pattern and enter above ma20 - that ma20 should also be not going so downwards - should be almost horizontal or even going up a bit...


Video of that trade:

💎 MY MISSION is get to a level where I would end everyday in profit. 💎

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a financial adviser and this is not a financial advise. Remember, most traders lose money.

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