What do vegetarians / vegans eat? #7 素食者吃什麼?

In order to encourage more people to follow the plant based movement, I will regularly share some photos of what I eat, so you can see that food can be delicious without meat.


Hungry Jack’s new Vegan Cheeseburgerack's new Vegan Cheeseburger

Why eat vegan / vegetarian?

Here is an article from The Univeristy of Oxford which explains the reason why there needs to be "A global switch to diets that rely less on meat and more on fruit and vegetables".


Many people have told me that if you don't eat meat, you will not get enough nutrients.


I have been vegan/vegetarian since I was 8. I am 183cm and I was running up to 14+km as well as bench pressing 90+kg. I also have won two tennis trophies in the Brisbane Hardcourt Tennis Associan Pennat Reserve (PR) grade as well as competing and performing in partner dancing.


If I did not have enough nutrition, I doubt I could do all of these things.


Do you eat meat because you think it tastes better? In this video, a radio host could not tell whether what he was eating was vegan meat or real meat.&nb一位電台主持人吃不出來>你吃肉是以為肉比較好吃嗎? 在這個影片中,一位電台廣播吃不出來哪一盤肉是素的。

So, why do you eat meat?


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