My 2019: The last Showcase Weekend 2019: Collection of @mafalda2018.

The year 2019 was a year of great changes in my life. Making a balance of all the happenings, I can tell that I didn’t do bad in my personal life. On Steemit I’ve had the opportunity to grow and improve. In spite of the changes that took place in the platform, little by little I’ve achieved stability.

Brought from the blog of @anomadsoul

I make all my publication with love and passion. Each of them is a little piece of my heart.

To close this year, friends @anomadsoul and @blocktrades bring us a competition. If you want to participate, here’s the link:

My publications protrayed various themes. The same way, I also participated in numerous competitions and challenges. I chose to show you these three publications that, for me, are very precious but that weren’t considered of good quality and obtained little appreciation.

1.- Nights of Terror and Fear.

On the race of Cervantes this year, together with the friend @rosanita, we formed the team “The adventurers”.

On the second round I made a publication about the stories of those dark nights where any sound fills you with terror and fear.

Nights of greath stories of love, passion and terror. In nights like these, filled with moonlight; whiten the cardonals…

Aquí les dejo el link de la publicación:

2.- #RetoTop10... ¡¡¡Something yo Share!!! Dani my loved “cataquito”.

Compartir en el reto top 10 es una gran experiencia, puedes expresar lo que desees. En esta oportunidad esta publicación la hice para dedicársela a Dani.

Sharing in the top 10 challenge is a great experience because you can express anything you wish. On this opportunity, I made this publication to dedicate it to Dani.

Dani is the sun that illumnates my days. Seeing him smiling is the best for auntie Mafa…

Here’s the link;

Daniel Eduardo Gil, Cataquito. This photo is courtesy of my nephew Moisés Gabriel Gil Mata. It is his property.

3.- [Convocatoria] Competition Letter to the Wind, Week #3. Dear Child Jesus.

The friends of the magic feather invite us to write letters and throw them to the wind. In week 3 the announcement was to request a christmas wish. In this opportunity I wrote a missive to the Dear Child Jesus with all my love.

My christmas wish, I’m going to wish for with all my heart and fervor…

Here’s the link to the publication:

Friends of Steemit, the year 2019 is about to end, and the year 2020 is getting closer at great speed. What will it bring us? I don’t know, but I wait for it with happiness, faith and hope for the future.

Thanks to @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for this presented opportunity.
I thank my friend @antoniarhuiz because she lent me her twitter account.

Image taken from pixabay

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28.12.2019 22:13

Me alegra verte participando @mafalda2018 tu labor en la plataforma tambièn ha aportado mucho. Gracias por estar pendiente de regalarnos post educativos e instruccionales. Espero que el 2020 sea mucho mejor en crecimiento. Saludos y èxitos.

28.12.2019 22:24

Hola amiga @belkisa758 gracias por acompañarme en steemit. Igualmente te deseo muchas bendiciones y que el año 2020 sea prospero en amor, salud y abundancias.
Un abrazo.

29.12.2019 14:38

Espero que en un año tan bonito como es el 2020 sigamos compartiendo muchas cosas juntos y nos sigas instruyendo con esos remedios naturales que conocía tu abuela
Un abrazo 🤗

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29.12.2019 23:37

Desde @club12 corroboramos tu constancia con los compromisos de la plataforma, el compromiso y calidad con que realizas tus publicaciones. Tu 2019 ha sido exitoso, deseamos para ti, un LUMINOSO Y PRÓSPERO 2020

31.12.2019 13:00

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