Battalangunduwa is a tourist attraction that reflects the natural beauty of an island in Sri Lanka.

Battalangunduwa is a tourist attraction that reflects the natural beauty of an island in Sri Lanka.

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Hello everyone, Today I'm going to share various travel experience with you where I went beautiful island very nearest to Sri Lanka. This island name is Battalangunduwa. Battalangunduwa is an island in the beautiful island of Kalpitiya, about 30 km away from Kalpitiya.

We came from Colombo to Negombo. We traveled to the Kalpitiya jetty from the Kalpitiya bus leaving Negombo main bus stand. It took us about 2.30 hours to get there. We started the journey by boat. 350 rupees for a ticket.

There was very good climate for the boat safari. Before went Battalangunduwa I have been boat safaris of my past life. So my feeling wasn't changed.

We could see Dolphin's dances on the ocean. They are friendly and helpful fish species to humans. If boats going on the way dolphins show their talents.

The sunlight gave brilliant reflection to the sea waves.

After spent 3.15 hours we could reached Battalangunduwa island. I felt I was alone in this island because whole island surrounded by Indian ocean. But perfect location for enjoyment and beach camping.

Battalangunduwa is a wonderful island inhabited by our own Sri Lankan people, who have made their living by the sea. We started walked across island since beach.

Before heading to the island, we bought things to cook and water from Kalpitiya. Because we knew that we would have to pay three times as much to get water from the island.

We were able to see a police station, a naval base, a school, and several Catholic churches on this island. That's one of the church I captured.

Battalangunduwa is very famous for being dried fish. A very beautiful island. About 100 families live. There are Tamil speaking Catholics living there. The main source of livelihood of the people is no electricity. The water should be transported by boat to Kalpitiya.

Exactly I want to say that the people who're living in Battalangunduwa island very helpful and kindness. They were provide better travel guidance and accommodation to unknown and unbelievable persons. They believed us. So we protected their belief without any doubt.

This island, one of the most beautiful inventions of nature, was able to make the evening and sunset spectacular. Actually brilliant view to our eyes. I was felt I'm in paradise. Battalangunduwa journey was one of my relaxation and enjoyable trip. No need to take risk there. If you have enough water don't need to worry about night staying in this island. Thank you for watching.

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