Architecture that brings good luck to the home

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Today, many are interested in architecturally designing their home. Sources say that since ancient times, the architects of our country have used the ancient architecture to build temples, shrines and palaces. Humanity tended to create better habitats than other animals. In the past, man lived in caves and jungles. As the cave's top was blocked, water flow was prevented, and the fence in front of the cave was used as a means of protection.


Architecture has become a cultural component very close to the human heart. It is used for many purposes, from birth to death, especially for the Sinhalese and the Hindus of Sri Lanka. Architecture continues to be used because of its authenticity. This is also confirmed by the most recent discoveries in the sciences.

The architecture of India, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy shows that the architecture of India has been enhanced by the ancient craftsmen of our country. According to the Mahavansa, it was built on the instructions of the architectural consultants in the construction of the city of Anuradhapura. When we look at the architectural designs of both countries, it can be seen that the architectural architecture used in our country is not a complete assimilation. So we have a unique architectural maturity.


The folk tendencies that existed in the recent past due to books, newspapers and magazines in the recent past have continued to grow. It is the science that tells you how to create all the components you need to live in a good environment through a series of rules. After designing a house using architectural principles, a home is a worthwhile result. Thanks for reading.

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