UFM HODL SBI rewards 2 - results


Thank you for those that took part, I am distributing 15 shares weighted on UFM holdings

@xyzashu - 26521 UFM power - 10 SBI shares won
@cloudblade - 6421 UFM power - 2 shares won
@ironshield - 6380 UFM power - 2 shares won
@ronaldoavelino- 2557 UFM power - 1 share won

For those that won some well done and enjoy your new SBI shares! For those that did not make the minimum requirements keep saving and you soon will:)

@xyzashu I have accidentally sent you double the amount so the next ten shares have been paid in advance for your future participation;)

a new round will soon start!

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@ironshield - 6380 UFM power - 2 shares won

Whoo hoo! Thank you!

25.09.2019 15:49

Bummer I missed this I have 4k powered up. Maybe next time :)

25.09.2019 16:49

yep keep an eye out for the posts:) there will be another one within the week.

25.09.2019 18:57

Congratulations to the winners!

Cool that you have these contests... although I clearly still have a very long way to go!

Bright Blessings!

26.09.2019 20:16