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Word- Steem Skillshare - S1W1- Homework Post for @massachussetts

Hello dear friends in the steemskillshare community, as one of the English students I'm very delighted to be participating in this lesson.
It is a great pleasure to belong here.
Below I will give answers to the assignment questions by teacher @massachussets.

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Question 1

Explain in your own understanding the definition of Word

Definition of a word
A word is an element of speech or combination of letters or group of letters that conveys a meaning when it is spoken or written.
It is a combination of sounds or the representation in writing that conveys meaning.

Words can be a single letter, for example, the A and I.
These letters, when used adds meaning to a sentence.

For example:
I went to the kitchen to prepare dishes

From the above sentence, you'd agree with me that without the word I, the sentence will make little or no meaning.

Words extend to two and more letters.

Question 2

List down the classes of word and give 5 examples each.

The following are the classes of words and their examples:-

Classes of words Examples
Noun: this is the type of word that refers to or describes a person, place, object or idea. @madilyn02, China, Air, Mother, Bird etc.
Pronouns : These are words used to replace a noun He, I , She, They, Their etc.
Verb: A verb is a word used to describe an action or occurrence Dance, Think, Stand, Run, Fight, etc.
Adjectives: These classes of words modifies a noun. It is used to describe a person, place or thing Beautiful, Wealthy, Poor, silly, Happy, etc.
Preposition: The preposition is used indicate the relationship between a noun and other words in a sentence On, at, up, on, under etc.
Adverb: This is a word used to modify a verb, adjective or another adverb Badly, warmly, Rapidly, Sluggishly, diligently, etc.
Conjunction:-These are the words used to connect other words, phrases, sentences or clause etc. And, or, but, yet, so, etc.
Interjection: These are words used to express emotions or reactions alas!, Wow!, Oh!, Hurrah! etc.

Question 3

Explain the two classes of word.

The 8 kinds of words are further classified into open and closed classes.
Open classes
These are the class of words which have the tendency to change overtime. It normally contains larger number of word. Types of words that fall into this category include: Verb, Nouns, adjective, adverbs, and interjection.

Closed classes
These class of words are the opposite of open sentence. They rarely undergo changes. They can be referred to as fixed words.
The types of words under this categor are:
Prepositions, conjunction, pronouns, determiners.

Question 4

Research on open classes and list about 5 examples of invented words in the field of Computer technology.
Invented words in the field of technology

  • Gmail
  • Podcast
  • Freeware
  • netizen
  • Malware

These words evolve from already existing words in the field of technology. For example, email evolved from the words electronic and mail. Podcast from the words Ipod and broadcast. Freeware from the words Free and software etc

Question 5

Research on closed classes and give 5 examples as well. Try and explore more

Since prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns and determiners fall in the category of closed words, below are some of the examples:
Could, Must, In, and, the, because, etc.

I have tried my best to answer the questions from the assignment. Please correct me if there is any mistake.

Thank you so much @ftz and @massachussetts for this English class and thanks to all of the steemskillshare community team.

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