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Hello Everyone !

I'm back after a break of few days. I'm going to share some facts about social network use recently. So here we go...


Nowadays in modern generation it's difficult to find someone who don't use a single social networks
The influence is that much big.

Social networks are interconnected communication apps where people can share Information among each other.
Social networks are used for both personal and business purposes.
Without meeting in person social networks bringings people together .

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It gives a lots of benifits as well as negative effects . It's something we should use carefully otherwise it can cause troubles for you.
Facebook can be name as the most popular social network site with millions of daily active users.
In the very beginning ,long time ago Facebook was my favourite and the most used Social media site but recently I'm not a active Facebook user.
I wiil list out the social network apps on my phone but I don't use them all frequently.


In addition steemit . I can name steemit as my main social network site and the favourite one because it gives me lots of benifits.

Influence of Social networks

Social networks influences on people both negatively and positively. People use social networks to take a break from there busy lives , stay connected with friends and family. It's very useful for someone who's away from home or away from his country as it helps him to connect with there loved ones instantly..

Earlier people used to share cards with each other to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries but with the origin of social networks people started to wish through internet . At ones we can wish lots and people as we wish. May be as a audio message, video or text. The chance of missing someone's birthday is less because social media gives us reminders 😅. So that's an advantage.

Sometimes when we need a find our friend that we didn't meet in years social media will helps a lot. I think a lot of us have that experience.

Nowadays social media is a best mode of marketing and it's really successful. Sellers can market there products for the most appropriate customers. It will increase the sales and it also cut-off the excess expenditure for marketing.

Promotions of any kind of a thing
As an example- a movie ,event, concert or new songs
Social networks are the best place. It doesn't take much time for something to go viral. Faster than television people reach things though social networks.

As it's so fast both good and bad can be spread without a difference. That's why people should be careful while handling social networks.

We should recognise the limits while using social networks. Over usage is definitely bad. And most of the times what people show off through social networks is soo different from the reallity.

Fake people are everywhere and it gives bad influences. Specially it influence on young generation. Young people catch things easylyy . They embrace new trends through social networks sometimes it can be good and sometimes it's bad.

Social network bullying is a really big issue. Sometimes people suicide because of such situations. Continuosly sending harrasing messages, videos to harm some person , posting fake news belongs to social network bullying.

Privacy issues and information haking is also a serious issue. So we need to select platforms that secure our privacy and should keep our personal information private inorder to avoid this.

Popular truth is that popular social network apps and browsers collects data about our social network lives, our likes dislikes without our acknowledgement.
So it's difficult to except total security and privacy from social network platforms.

Best thing is extract the good things from social networks staying away from it's bad effects. Don't over use it because during time you spend on social networks you may miss your loved one's association in real life.

Thank you !

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Yeah, even though they are helpful tools they can be very dangerous as well. Especially, it's not a good thing to get addicted to those!!

26.04.2021 13:24

Yess addiction is bad

27.04.2021 07:40

Sometimes social networks are a headache. We should be clever to have the benefits.

26.04.2021 18:05

Yes I feel the same sometimes

27.04.2021 07:40

I use Facebook a lot. I'm been thinking for a while that would be better to get rid of it. But I haven't done that yet. 😬 And that's true the fact we might miss our loved ones.

27.04.2021 03:34

It was really difficult for me to leave Facebook in the beginning. It's really addictive
But later I reduced it a lot

27.04.2021 07:41

Most of people are now addicted to social media instead of the benefits that we can get.

27.04.2021 13:01

Social media bring us more benefits but it has bad effect also.

27.04.2021 16:03

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