The Dark Side of Community Service

Who in the right mind would work for free?

I honestly would not and this is something I would like to discuss, the dark side of the community service.

Students are stationed in the village with expectations. It is expected that you have to be able to manage yourself, your team, cooperate with others and the villagers, mingle with the villagers, attend all their events, help out in some of their community kitchen, health center and fixing pot holes and give back to the community. Sounds good right?

In practice, some villagers expect that they will be given things. That students will be able to help at any cost. They also expect that students organize free events for them or make things for them. They demand things that sometimes out of student's capability. They don't account that students are a group of penniless individual trying to learn something.

Personally, I am not altruistic enough to do a community service. I only work within a time frame and based on the value that I will get from this service. Hence, my perception of these demands are bit too much and out of the line. Some students are having a difficult time rejecting their demands; they continue working for free and draining their energy. It is ineffective for the sake of the projects and themselves. They should not overwork themselves especially when doing an unpaid labor.

The community service experience isn't free either. Students are paying some amount of money in order to sustain their life in the village and organize events. Should community service be free? yes it should. Of course the burden cost of living would be put on us but that's about it. Although, the university gives students some small amount of cash, with these demands, that would not be sufficient.

This is only a personal account of mine. There are many darkest sides of the community service and community works. It should be noted for every stakeholders and villagers to understand that we are living in their place to learn their way of live. We are not some crazy rich people trying to turn the village into a new place nor they have the rights to take us for granted.


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