Status of The Community Service and Other Things

As of 19 July 2019, the team and I have been living in this village for 21 days. We counted the day of our arrival and the first day we live in here. I didn't realize so much has happened since the last time I wrote the report regularly. Also, there is not much time we have left while the fate of our projects is still being questioned.

The projects are only 30% in completion. Some of us are still working to deliver the final result of our programs while some of us, including myself, bear slightly a bit more burden, managing the house. It is one from many tasks which are time and energy consuming. There are seven of us but only a few would actually willing to ensure the situation in the house properly managed and organized.

As of now, our team are currently working with the local elementary school. We are giving the students some materials and organize little events. Our team love working with children, however we have a problem with communication with the school staffs regarding to scheduling. From our end, we already established a set of schedule so that all of our programs outside the school will also have progress. In practice, we often receive sudden information that we have to do certain tasks. Hence, we often have the inability of doing the tasks since it clashed with some of our other activities.

So far, our programs have been working less than half of what we were expecting last week. We are still hopeful that everything will run as expected. Since, the team morale has been lowering and so is our health. We are very exhausted with minimal proper rest. There seems no rest in this service despite some of us are getting 6-7 hours sleep/night. I just hope all of us are going to be in full pieces once we return to our normal life. That's all we can report as of today. Thank you for tuning to our stories. Wait for more stories and interesting information from us.


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