Should You Follow Any Diet?

It supposed to be my third week on One Meal a Day experiment. However, since evaluating my overall routine and life last week, I decided it's not for me. I have special needs for taking medications three times a day and eating one meal a day strictly is hindering my healing. I experienced major withdrawal with that diet regime cause I skipped my medication. How foolish I was not to carefully consider my needs. Well sure that is the reason why you should consult to doctor/your primary care. You can not force yourself to just simply follow fad diet out there.

I am aware of fact that testimonial results can be tempting. But keep in mind, each of us function differently and have special needs. What works for them does not mean it's going to work for you. The same way goes when people tell you, it won't work. It is only us who can understand the needs of our body. The kind of vitamins and nutrition that we need to nourish our body. The path of healing is not binary.

However, I find that by experimenting with different diets and meal regimen, helps me to understand what I truly need. The closest meal plan that works for me is intermittent fasting. The idea to break fasting an hour or two after waking up is actually great. There has been circulating argument that breakfast is invented by cereal companies to boost their sales and create a culture. But if we look at it by definition, breakfast means breaking the fast. It means eating after a certain amount of time. Many of us, eat right away after waking up but ideally it's best to give it sometime. 30 minutes or an hour after waking up may be the best time to break the fast. A good healthy breakfast is something that contains less in sugar and carbs but rich in proteins. A meal that is enough to power us until the lunch time.

What I find from my weight loss journey is that eating moderation and exercise are the important keys to a healthier life and lifestyle. One meal a day is only sustainable if you don't have the special needs to take regular medication.

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