Rambling day 6

It might be good to buy cheap goods but actually, it's not pocket friendly in the long run. Sure, it does not apply to all goods but when it comes to technology, always seek for quality rather than the price. My experience with shitty headsets, cables and charger have taught me that it's better to spend extra 30$. These days, I no longer want to buy cheap headset and cables. If mine is broke and I can't listen music, that's fine. I will wait and save up before I buy a good quality earphone. It's not like I am gonna die without an earphone. This resonates with impulsive buying and living comfortable.

Living comfortable is fun. I won't deny that. However, sometimes the comfort that I have enabled the glutton inside of me. If I want to eat, I can just do it from my room,so does if I want anything. Everything looks effortless. Nowadays, I realized how difficult it was for me to walk more than 2km just to buy my groceries or how far it was for me to just buy some food to eat, or walking extra miles to get something cheaper. My monthly allowance was very low. I used to only spend 25$/month all inclusive. I had an old phone, no proper internet, not even a tablet, no investment, nothing. But that lifestyle made me the person I am today. I managed to thrive and survive. Heck, I don't even have a proper bank account. It was just a shitty account where I had to walk 4 km just to withdraw cash. I was much more humble.

I wasn't even having an impulsive buying behavior. Everything was on a budget. If I bought some unnecessary shit, definitely, I would be starving for the next several days. Back in the day, not eating was something easy. These days, it's getting difficult even though I wish to have my old ability. I have much more abundance than before but why am I so unhappy? that's something I have yet to answer.

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13.09.2019 12:40

There was a time when I made only $680 a month before taxes. After taxes. $520-540. My rent was $425, my utilities came to $90 and I was 6’3” and weighed only 145 lbs. I was tired all the time and I walked everywhere. I ate a packet of Ramen a day and drank water all day just to keep a full feeling.

I did not seek welfare because I had to walk an extra 10 miles a week on no carbs whatsoever t apply for jobs that did not exist. Everyone on welfare here is fat, but I was told that because I worked full time I would need a waiver, and that I would receive only $15. It wasn’t worth the extra hassle.

Now I am secure in my work because I work hard. I am a solid 220 lbs and I can maintain muscle. There is 31 people getting laid off today because winter is coming and the housing market has slowed to a crawl. My job is secure though, and I still want more.

I am living in a tent saving for the first of October, when I can move into an apartment.

I feel your pain. At least you don’t have a credit card to tempt you to overspend as I do.

I may sell my iPhone and tablet and downgrade to have some extra cash in hand. It will suck but it is what it is.

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13.09.2019 12:50

mannn I remember the day I used to survive on ramen. It's just not healthy in the long run so now, I decided to eat leafy greens and affordable fruits. And yeah, I drank water all day and I weight much less than I am now. Some parts of me wanted that kind of lifestyle but it's been slightly challenging with my current situation. The comfort level I have now is different from the past. I think I've becoming a whinny baby and reluctant to work hard. But soon, that will change. Also. I avoid a credit card and never will have one. I simply don't want to live my life chained on something.

13.09.2019 13:11