Rambling day 10


(of writing or speech) lengthy and confused or inconsequential.

Yes, I titled my writing as rambling because I write several ideas all at once. Sometimes, ideas pouring out flooding my brain and I have no idea how to filter or suppress it. I let them flows and often they make a coherent paragraph. As of now there are several things in my mind :

  • Lately, I wonder if I should use google for my advantage. I have google assistant installed and wanting to use it. However, I realized that things I said might be used against me especially if they're against what google believes. On another side, I can use it to remind me of events, meeting, days and time. I will have to think further about it.
  • As someone who is active on twitter, lately crypto twitter has been nothing but boring. I think a lot of "investors" who joined during the bull run 2018 is leaving. It is unfortunate that they don't understand the use case of cryptocurrency in our daily life. It's just not a money grab opportunity. It's a revolution; it still is.
  • I find it difficult to move people I know to use application and software that aren't maintained by mega corporation. I want them to use matrix for communication and even telegram but so far, I have failed to convince them.
  • This is my second day of doing intermittent fasting. I am suffering through cravings of carbs. Hopefully by Sunday, this feeling will be gone.
  • I am currently thinking of publishing my school essays on steemit. I know English literature is the kind of job that we consider as ' unemployable' for life. However, trust me, English students are not only learning about grammar, vocabularies. We are learning how to read literature, apply theories and see the world through it. We also learn how to think critically, being compassionate and solve our problems through literature we read in classes.
  • The fact that everyone can write is true. I think knowing how to articulate opinion and writing a coherent paragraph are skills that everyone must have. That way, we are using our brain at its fullest capacity and not just let it dead by consuming mindless information.
  • I am going to brainstorm about possible blogging topic I can write about. I think lifestyle suits me better. I can start writing my daily routine as a final year student. I think it's good to document my progress being an adult.
  • I am also thinking on continuing my fiction. There are still a lot to fix on my story but I am trying to make it compact. A two-three pages short story.
  • I also consider writing only three times a week but 1000-2000 words content with thorough research. Instead doing it daily.

Alright, that is my rambling for the day. Thank you for reading. If you have any advice, feel free to write back.

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About the real life usage of cryptocurrencies, by now I only see steemit to provide a real life usage opportunity. Beside the replacement of fiat currencies, which is a goal that I find really difficult to imagine, I think crypto and blockchain could provide us with reliable, quality services like social networks or content platforms. The problem is that the well-established companies seem not to care too much about this opportunity. For example, Spotify could create a crypto and provide us with a crypto based solution to pay for the music we love; this would even reduce piracy. Through exchanges, one could even buy Spotify crypto through for example steem dollars so enjoying good music without spending money but providing users with quality content. And both the platforms could gain value thanks to this. I wonder why the trend seems not to go this way

20.09.2019 10:38

I agree with your points. However, I think because major companies are not risking their business due regulations. Not to mention, if cryptocurrency is used more than fiat, that would cause instability to fiat, which something that the legal entities wouldn't be happy about.

20.09.2019 16:15

The last point is the one I'm most afraid of. The old (and inefficient) fiat would suffer a lot from a rise of crypto usage.
Regarding the first point, do you think there will be a fair regulation soon?

20.09.2019 16:19

Honestly no. From what I gather, a lot of countries are imposing ban on cryptocurreny usage. However, they are open for it to being commodities/stocks options. On another note, if you notice the trends on Fintech, most companie are introducing the idea of token to the mass; think it's an attempt to familiarize the mass about e-money. Hence, there probably still is hope for cryptocurrency. Perhaps, in the next 5-10 years.

20.09.2019 16:24

I have the same feeling, especially regarding the fact that the Fintech giants are introducing the concept of tokens.
Thank you for your opinion

20.09.2019 16:42

First of all, it's a pleasure to assist to your ramblings, not only you are thinking while writing but you make us think about our own ideas, experiences and how to organize everything that is in our minds, like problems, relations, work and even our joy. Never better said: Thanks for share!!
I suggest you to not use any AI assistant and nothing that maintain your mic, gps or camera open, or at least make your apps to ask for your authorization. Please publish your academic works! I'm interested if in your classes are you studying semiotics and how is the approach?
A big hug and the very best for everyday, @Macchiata!!
P.S. Your new profile image rocks!! :)

21.09.2019 08:02

Hey, thank you for willing to read my ramblings. I appreciate it. I am aware about the danger of alexa and google homes. However, sometimes I am still tempted to be like everyone else. Have a good day to you as well @leveuf

And thank you!

21.09.2019 10:59

It's a pleasure, @Macchiata!! I send you more hugs and best vibes!! :)

22.09.2019 17:10

As someone who is active on twitter, lately crypto twitter has been nothing but boring. I think a lot of "investors" who joined during the bull run 2018 is leaving.

There will always be groups that chase easy money. The irony is that most of those people aren't buying now when the markets are down from all time highs. They will always keep chasing the highs.

This is my second day of doing intermittent fasting. I am suffering through cravings of carbs. Hopefully by Sunday, this feeling will be gone.

Nice to see you trying it out! Cravings are completely normal, but with time, the body adjusts and will not send craving signals anymore.

22.09.2019 07:00

In my perspective, crypto has more than one aspect; pure revolution and economy driven. One can assume that those who stay is driven by the idea behind the technology. Hence, I am still positive it will stay. Just like what I wrote above that even fintech are introducing the idea of tokens, rewards, points. This is one of the way to familiarize the mass with cryptocurrency terms.

As to my intermittent fasting, it's fairly easy but during the noon, I get terrible cravings. But I am imposing a strict rule these days it's better to cry than eat :D

22.09.2019 07:41


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