I.II Writer's Block

Writer's block

I don't know how to overcome it.

It has been months since I truly write something decent and meaningful. Perhaps I succumb to depression without acknowledging that I have problem- a profound unhappiness that tries to lurk into my daily life, whenever it gets the chance. For a second I thought writing was for me. I thought I could be a successful peripatetic writer, an occupation that I want to have for the rest of my life. It's something that I am never gonna be ashamed to announce, ' I am a writer'. Yet, I suppose, ghost writing won't instantly make me a writer. Especially, these days when everyone can write and flaunt their eloquent words everywhere. Writing is easy anyway. You weave one word to another, then a sentence will be formed, then connect it together, and voila! a story.

Nowadays, whenever I stare at my note, all I see is a void space. I tried to recall every memorable moments then trying to over dramatize it, running my imagination wild but nada. Not a single word comes into the page. Am I really that empty? do I need to fill up my brain once more ? I thought, I've been filling my brain with a lot information on whatever that's being served into my plate. Apparently, that doesn't seem enough. Then, the negative-self talk approached me. It tries to justify that experience as being unintelligent. " You are as dumb as rock" said the negative self-talk.

"Maybe I am" I replied without defending myself.

It's not that I didn't try other endeavors. Apart from writing, I was trying to code, to cook, be an academic, be good at math and languages, but these yields nothing. I still don't feel like I want to be those. I want to be a writer, an honest and a successful ones who gets paid decently. At least, enough to cover my bills and some self-indulgences.

Having difficulty to writing and weaving words have been nothing but a pain in the arse. Maybe I have not tried enough to get out of that nasty zone. Maybe I need to try harder. Well, anyway, this is my attempt after many months.

I miss weaving a nice story just like I miss my coffee black

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I know the feeling. I used to be capable of writing multiple posts a day like a machine, now I struggle to find the effort to post photography alongside a small paragraph or two on it.

I love writing, and I definitely miss it sometimes, but I think the writer's block stemmed from a want/need to do more. To be more active in other ways: returning to education, photography, travelling, reading, generally just gaining more experiences in life rather than punching out words.

At least every so often I look back and realise that I now actually have a lot of things to write about and share; and I'm kind of glad that my desire to write it all out isn't particularly strong, because it means I'm enjoying those moments enough to keep pursuing ones just like it, rather than allowing myself to sit back and take it all in.

To me, writer's block is your brain's way of telling you that it just simply isn't interested right now. It longs for more, for something different. Then, eventually, there will be a time in which you'll feel like writing, just perhaps not as much as before.

22.08.2019 16:22

I resonate with that. Now I realize another thing, Perhaps, I made writing more like a responsibility rather than a hobby which caused me to think writing is a burden. Initially, it should not be that. Maybe for now, writing is the least that I want to do.

23.08.2019 02:13

perhaps by saying how much you cannot write you have actually dont exactly that? maybe before you write what you want you need to expunge the emotional baggage if fear and depression and frustration over little things that keep you from doing what you want.

23.08.2019 19:15

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23.08.2019 20:38

oooh didn't know about that! I will try using the tag :)

24.08.2019 02:37

Maybe as you are trying too hard to write a good piece you don't notice that you are writing the important things. I feel in these words much identification as in your previous post of this series that I'm enjoying to read!
Desire, future perspectives, fulfillment, all those energies build our way paving any obstacle!!
I'll visit the next ones!! For now my best wishes and good vibes!! :)

25.08.2019 23:15