Evaluation of Our Two Weeks in The village- Explaining The Community Service programs.

As the definition of a community service, the seven of us are doing non paying job for the benefit of the community, except this time, it is for the assigned village or location of our serving. There are several reason why someone must do a community service. For the seven of us, it is a requirement to graduate from the university and a compulsory class we all must take. There are some expectations that we must fulfill based on the university guideline community service book, including serving 288 hours for 50 days. Students are also required to create five community service projects which will benefit the villagers. This is done in hope students will learn how to be more effective and experience a hands on learning experience and a chance to learn challenges in order to transform a society. It is also expected and hoped that students will be able to embrace differences and diversity of culture, traditions and customs which exist within the society. The community service as a whole will help students empathize with others and understanding motivation and needs of other people hence students will be an effective person once they're done studying within an institutional education.

The projects we are doing in the village is based on a scientific methodology. There are steps we must undertake before deciding to create a project. The first one, students must examine the village and find out problems which are existing within their community. The second step is to create list of problems and possible solutions. The third one is executing programs based on the given hypothesis. The fourth step is doing the project based on the plan and the schedule. The final step is writing a report of the project. Whether or not the project is successful, it is based on the community's acceptance and approval rating of the project.

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After a week of observation, our team propose 31 possible programs to the problems we found within the community in this village. In this team, the projects are divided into three study clusters, science, social science and agriculture. Below are the few examples of projects from aforementioned clusters.

Science Projects

  • Science Fair for children
  • A seminar on disaster prevention and mitigation
  • Science coaching classes
  • Recycling plastic and waste management
  • A seminar on the importance of hand washing for children
  • Hardware and Software Training for teenagers
  • Verticulture training and seminars for all ages.

Social Science Projects

  • Workshop on marketing for small scale business owners.
  • Village monograph project
  • Workshop, training and education on Indonesian history, culture and custom.
  • Movie screening for youngsters and children
  • Seminar on parenting and children's privacy in the age of social media and technology.
  • Assisting extracurricular activities in the village's school.
  • Soft skill training for children in the village's school.
  • Assisting the administrative work and participation of the trash bank project.
  • Assisting database entry for the village's information and database.
  • Assisting the planning for database and monograph purpose.

Agriculture Projects

  • Workshop on micro industry : coconut chips.
  • Seminar on promoting fruits and vegetables more campaign
  • Workshop on Hydrogel agriculture for children
  • Seminar on nutritional awareness for children
  • Seminar on Zoonosis
  • Seminar on Fish Health Campaign.

    • Above are the projects that we have to do during our service in the village. These are proposed from the problems and challenges found in the village. Thus far, the project up to the second week is still 2% working.It is expected that by next week, the project will be 50% finished. It is projected that we will be finished by the last week of our service. However if there will be any hindrance to the projects, we will have to find ways to get around with it. All in all, the projects are expected to help the villagers and will bring benefits to the people in the neighborhood.


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