Community Service Day 15 - Trash Bank Concept and Activities

After reviewing our projects and things we must do, we started working on it. Among all the projects we have, the team wrote a proposal for the school where some of would teach. The seven of us with our different field of expertise are going to teach English, Science and Social Humanities. Although, we still haven't gotten the proper resources or materials on what we we could teach, we are given three days to organize activities for the students. The activities are quite simple, we had fun with games based on agile methods and also interactive video animation on characteristic building. Apart from that, every Saturday we are helping the villagers organizing their aerobic and trash bank activity. In this post, I would like to specifically explain the environmental friendly project called ' Trash Bank'.

Trash bank is a community project where villagers/residents collect their trash and receive monetary value depending on the trash weight. The trash which are collected will be divided into several categories such as plastic, metal, and paper. In general, the project is aimed to help reducing the amount of waste whilst simultaneously empowering the community around the neighborhood. It is also worthy to note, it can help economically disadvantaged villagers to earn extra money by collecting recyclables items.

In the village where the team and I stationed, there is one trash bank which have already been established by the residents for several months. The activity is organized every Saturday morning starting with an hour aerobic for the villagers followed by the activities scheduled and planned by the trash bank's staffs.

The job of the staff includes an administrative tasks where they note who delivered the trash, how much it weights and the deposit that the residents currently have. Also, during the waiting process, the staffs are dividing the waste based on the proper categories. They also separate the items which has the potential to be recycled into a valuable goods.

Below are some of the illustrations and steps of the activities in the Trash Bank

Trash are being collected from the resident.

Trash will be weighed based on the categories and the staff will note the resident's name and their deposit value.

Some recyclable items especially plastic cups will be removed from its label and chopped into several pieces.

There are some ramen noodles packaging which are recyclables into a valuable item.

From what we have gathered, there is still a minimum workshop on recycling the plastic into a valuable item. This is where our team will try to help in a way we can. We offer a workshop on creating marketable and usable items for several women/staffs who are interested. Our team hope that the women in the village will be more aware on possibilities of recycling and even ideas to start a business from a waste.

On a personal note, this kind of activity should be implemented worldwide in order to tackle the waste problem. It is an interesting concept to help reduce the waste especially with the incentivized system where residents will be more compelled to participate. This activity is also a good way to educate people about waste management and how they can minimize their domestic waste. Furthermore, from this activity it is hoped and expected that people will be more mindful of their consumption, waste and keeping their environment clean.And as a closing, let's remember that, Change starts from the smallest part of a community.


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