Community Service Day 1 - Arrival Day and Exploring The Neighborhood

29 June 2019

Let me introduce myself. I, Mac as the narrator of this series would like to tell you an experience of living in a nucleated village, an area where farmers, artisans, and sellers are clustered together. They also live with their livestock housed along with them or in a nearby lot. The people here are close to one another i.e they have a strong sense of community feeling and residential proximity. In this community service, the narrator will be living with six other members who will help each other serving in the village. The team will be living with a family of four, who will host them and assist them during the service. In this story, this place will be referred as The Homestay. The people in this narration will be referred as member, members, team, units and other suitable pronouns. This story is written from Mac's point of view and written for the purpose of introducing different cultures, traditions and updating the progress of the team's project in the village. The writer hopes that you will enjoy the report and stories.

I am writing this report from the homestay where the team members of the unit will be staying for the next 50 day. The place is located next to the home of the village head, the community leader in this village. The house where we will be staying is an extension of the main home from the family who will host us. It consists of two rooms and a massive living room. It also equipped with a small table with a chair which will be adequate to be a working space for the seven of us. The location is also close to the main road where it will be easier for us to move around. It is also worthy to note that the team member have only met from a few occasion after the location of the service was announced. In another words, each of us are strangers with our own routines and habit. That being said, a conflict is unavoidable but the team will try their best to avoid it.

The journey begins at 10:00 a.m from the city by a bus which the team rent earlier. The bus was packed with goods and groceries needed for the team to survive in the village. At this journey, there were 29 students before they were divided into small groups which will be 7 to 8 students per each village. The journey to the location was taking an hour and half with a moderate traffic. On the way, we spotted a performance from a group of a street musician in the traffic lights. It is a common thing for street musicians to perform in the traffic lights. This phenomenon is even considered as one of the icons of the city.

Image of the street musician from inside the bus.

After we arrived in the destination, we loaded all of our things from the bus to our first meeting point. We brought things that would help us survive until the next 50 days. As you can see from the picture, some of us brought a mattress. Some students even brought their massive luggage as if they were relocating.

Then, after we settled down in our homestay, we explored our surrounding to find something to eat. We strolled along the little pathways which were surrounded by lush green palm trees. Not to mention, the wind was quite strong today. The sky was bright and clear. It was as if the ocean was above us. This place reminded me of Ubud except that I am not in Bali and this has more palm trees.

I also spotted a lot of cows in this neighborhood. This picture below is one of my shot and expect seeing more pictures of cows from me. So far we're having fun in this area and have yet to be effectively working.

Stay tuned for more of my upcoming community service story and observation. As of now this is my current update.


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