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Biggest Achievement of My Life | Contest by @huzaifanaveed1 | #CLUB5050

Hello everyone how are you all doing? I hope fine. Firstly I would like to thank @huzaifanaveed1, for arranging this contest as because of this contest, I had a long talk with myself and that was the best feeling.

As before I used to think that I never have done anything in my life, and my life is going on the same path every single day.

From my childhood, my father used to tell his childhood and his or his sibling's achievement stories and I used to think that what I will children as I don't have any stories to tell lols. When I see the title of the contest, it made me think of my achievements, and thank God that now I know my achievements which I also can tell my kids in the future inshallah.


So when I sat and started asking myself about my achievements I came to know that mostly or probably every achievement (which are only 3-4) happened in my university life.

And from that achievement in my life, I already have told I guess one or two of them. The one which I will always remember was when I and my team came a runner up in a national business intellectual competition, but as I already have shared that one, so I will be sharing the latest Achievement which I have achieved recently.

For me, the achievement for someone is when you reach the level of satisfaction, and Alhumdulillah I have reached that level. So the biggest achievement of my life if When I Paid My Whole University Fees all by myself.🎉🎉



As an adult, everyone thinks of being independent and tries not to burden their family for their things. And that thought was with me from the time I joined my university. But at that time I didn't have any source of income but now Alhumdulillah from December 2020 I have been working on the #STEEMIT platform and also did some deliveries and earned enough to pay my and my brother university fees without burdening my family.

It actually impacted really positively on my life, like that moment when I paid my fees my own hard work money I fees another level satisfaction and I think this is the biggest achievement of my life.

Before I used to be worried all the time and usually my fees were submitted late, because of that I also had to pay thousands in a late fee and I think the first time in history, my fees are standing at Zero moreover now my university have to pay me Rs.82 hehe.

So this achievement of my life will always be my biggest achievement, as at that moment my mindset gets changed, and now I am more motivated to achieve more in my life as before I used to think that I will have to study all my life from my fathers' money and to be honest it used to hurt me a lot as a boy and also as an adult. But after this achievement, I know that I can do more and also can achieve much more things in my life.

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