@Ma1neEvent Blog: Weekend photos from camp, July 2019

I'm enjoying a beautiful weekend at my
Cottage on the lake...

How's everyone doing?

I hope everyone is having a good day. I'm spending a weekend in the woods at my cottage. We are going fishing, swimming, boating, and taking nature photos.

Here's a few photos I was able to capture today...

This beautiful butterfly came around right before we went fishing...


It landed right on the fishing pole... it was wonderful to see, but hard to get a photo of!


There was a couple of thunder storms, but overall it's been a very peasant weekend.

Here was today's sunset on the water...

All photos in this post are original content by @Ma1neEvent

What do you think of these new nature photos?

Leave me some replies below, I always enjoy reading them!

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Very nice pictures. The butterfly is beautiful and the lake relaxing. Thanks for sharing.

07.07.2019 05:58

Beautiful shots and a weekend by the lake sounds so relaxing ;)

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07.07.2019 11:46
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07.07.2019 11:47

One of the things I miss about where I currently live, butterflies. btw did you catch any fish ?!

07.07.2019 17:01

Yes, we did manage to catch a few small ones!

10.07.2019 01:20

You live in a very beautiful place @ma1neevent I also wish that I am near a lake so that I can enjoy the peace, calmness, and scenery too. ☺

08.07.2019 09:12


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Some cake for when you return from the fishing trip! Beautiful photographs!
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