Wing of an angel - black paper, watercolor pencil

Some thirty moons ago, I made a habit of taking time to appreciate content created and shared on Steem. As a complete newbie to the crypto world, what attracted me most to this place was the spark of creativity and the wonderful community of people from all around the world supporting each other unlike anywhere else on social media. I was inspired to become one of them. What does that mean? Becoming part of the community means not only to take from the community, but it also means giving back to the community. Community is not a get rich quick scheme. Community is not a place where people scream into their endless voids with their tailored for masses content they boost to the stratosphere with their bought votes to extract the most value as they deem entitled to without doing any of the work of building trust and relationships.

For the first time in a long time, it appears there is a wind of change in the air. Community is killing the bidbots as the downvotes are finally used for policing the overrated, brainless extraction of value on the platform. Bidbots are forced to morph into curation groups or will simply cease to exist. Not gonna lie, it has been entertaining to observe those who have previously relied on the profit through bidbots having to change to the ways of the new curve and 50/50 distribution and put in some actual work. But M, didn’t you also use ocdb all this time? Yes, I did and powered it all up to curate manually with it and to support the community as it has supported me. I have been curating for two full years as I was part of OCD and now @curangel.

Haven’t you heard yet? @curangel is the new curation guild in the town brought to you by the long term witness @pharesim in the wake of the New Steem. Actions speak louder than words. @pharesim has set the example and has delegated his entire stake to the project growing at a rapid pace. The team now consists of 23 curators covering most of the timezones, different languages, and supports many communities of various interests. How does averaging with about 700 upvotes on 600 unique accounts per week sound like? Pretty damn good, right? This is how the distribution should look like. If you put out decent content chances of @curangel visiting your post are pretty high.

What qualifies as decent content? While the ways different curators would define quality content vary, most of us agree that content supported should show signs of passion, authenticity, and effort. Curators are spending hours looking, reading, figuring out what is what. Mad respect to all of you out there! What you do is not easy, but that is exactly what proof of brain is all about! Community doing the thinking and deciding what is valuable and what isn’t. You are Steem’s consciousness.

@curangel was designed to serve the whole entity of community - authors, curators, and delegators. Authors receive our support and recognition for their efforts, 20% of curation rewards, which is not a lot, are going towards curators for their hard work, and 80% of curation rewards are going to our delegators who also can suggest overrated content and abuse for downvotes daily. Pure New Steem there! Follow @curangel for the project updates and our daily compilations of all curated authors, visit our website, stop by our discord for a chat with awesome Steemians, and consider becoming one of our angel delegators. Help us to raise the value on the platform and spread more love all around the ecosystem!
It is time for all of us to work together and turn this place into something wonderful!

Song of the day: Grimes, i_o - Violence

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It is time for all of us to work together and turn this place into something wonderful!

Here, here! Alien themed Fleshlights and anime titties for all!!!...Er, wait, is that not what this post was about? Shit. Guess I'll go make my own curation project, with morning erections, and 2d waifu's!

25.09.2019 21:24

Ah @deadspace! Ahaha! I want you to know I appreciate your vibe like a lot! :D We could use curation project that is focused on all that what you mentioned too, so why not? Do ieeeet! xD

26.09.2019 11:23

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25.09.2019 21:54

The angel wing is so pretty. I love it. The contrast of white on black is very eye-catching. It looks like the shading was done by letting the black of the paper show through the lighter strokes. Is that right? I don't know art stuff. It looks beautiful though. The pattern visible in the shading is just really satisfying too.

It's been really satisfying to watch @curangel grow from its beginnings so far. Born from the minds of people who truly put their fellow humans first. You are one of the most dedicated, hardest-working curators on this platform; I know this firsthand from our time in OCD together. The extra mile is not extra for you. It's just what you do. You pour your passion and dedication into everything you do, from creation to curation, and that makes you awesome. Never forget it.

It brings me so much joy to know that you have found your wings.

25.09.2019 22:55

Aww! Thank you lem!

Yes, since the only things to work with were the paper and the white watercolor pencil, I used layers to create the shadows. The first layer was the lightest one and the paper shines through. I wanted to create something with a softness feeling to it. I had almost forgotten how fun it is to use the pencils.

You know there are moments where people ask is it worth it? And while sometimes we feel discouraged and almost worthless, the answer is yes. It is same as with climate change. People think oh if I do these small changes in my life, it does nothing. Thought thousands of people at the same time.


26.09.2019 11:57


25.09.2019 23:47

New steem is really cool. Just bought another 1k Steem to support these great people a bit more.

You are all doing great job at @curangel and thanks for that. I appreciate any real curator like you are.

Pew pew pew :)

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26.09.2019 00:04

That is awesome whacky! You are one of the real ones too! :)

Thank you! Hopefully the project will keep growing and will have bigger impact soon.

26.09.2019 12:15


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26.09.2019 01:50

Thank you @torico! I will just keep telling you how awesome you are and everything you do, because it is the truth! It always brings a smile on my face seeing those bunny ears popping up everywhere you go on Steem! :)

26.09.2019 13:22

yay! hugs

26.09.2019 15:39

I appreciate your work and effort very much, I know how hard manual curation is. What curangel and you are doing is a big part of my daily motivation to keep on posting content. Good time to say thank you.

26.09.2019 05:12

Thank you so much @ivyfit! We inspire each other to keep going, but without people like you, curation guilds would not have a purpose so keep up the good work and thank you! :)

26.09.2019 12:26

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26.09.2019 05:15

Hear hear!! #newsteem is mosdef doing better than the old. It is just mad fun watching community transform. This is how legislations well made and properly implemented can transform a country's fortunes. I wish some countries would take a piece of wisdom from what happened here and build communities that have a say in the government and the philosophical underpinning of the country as a whole. #curangel from one of my uncles rocks! Warpedpoetic say so

26.09.2019 05:22

It has been over a month and for now changes appear mostly positive, yet there are still ways people try to extract most out of Steem using the curation as a tool, flocking their votes on the users that usually do well. People always look for the loopholes and shortcuts in every system.

Ahaha interesting thought. Steem as a country :)

26.09.2019 12:36

Well not everyone has the time to manually curate and in truth manual curation pays more than following curation trails. I follow several trails; curie, ocd, curangel, sndbox, steemmonsters, etc but i make more steem when i curate manually. It may not be satisfactory but if the projects have good curators then making the project a proxy distributor of rewards from your account is not such a bad thing. It is still better than bidbots, circle jerking too.

Yeah the analogy hit me when i read your post. I was actually thinking of my own country when i wrote that.

26.09.2019 12:52

Thanks for visiting my page @m31 , leading me to this post of yours which is a good synopsis of how you think about Steemit at this point.

26.09.2019 05:27

Your are most welcome @angryman :) It's been a while I've thought this way and now as the community has a bit more say to how things should be, it feels like future of Steem looks a lot brighter.

26.09.2019 12:50

It's looking more promising to me as well, in certain ways...

27.09.2019 18:43

New steem certainly has been a huge improvement and it's great that these new curation projects have popped into existence because of the changes. I've seen curangel vote for a few of my posts as well and I greatly appreciate it. I love how the steem community has really come together since the hard fork. It's awesome!

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26.09.2019 07:00

Your content is amazing @leaky20 so there is no wonder! ^^ Keep it coming!

As it should be you know? Not passively sitting in their own corners and bubbles, but actively engaging, participating, and working together to create most awesome environment for everyone. Steem's power has always been the community and now it feels like we are finally having the full power again.

26.09.2019 13:07

I am just glad that people with a keen interest in community like you plus a few other people on the @curangel make the team. Driven souls that drag those of fighting to stay here back everytime they drift away. I personally admire ya'll :)

The wings looks amazing ♡

26.09.2019 07:47

Thank you so much @tezmel! :)

People like you and others out there is a reason for projects such as @curangel! There is a lot of talk about mass adaptation and such things, but someone has to take care of those who are here to stay, creating wonderful, thoughtful things full of effort.

26.09.2019 13:18

Very humbled to be counted :)

26.09.2019 17:22

As i have been spending way too much mony on coffee gear lately (just bought a really lovely roaster), so i might do some posts on that :D How are you these days?

26.09.2019 19:14

Coffeeeeee! Please, do! I still say from time to time there is too much blood in my coffeestream. Can't function in mornings especially without it.

I'm fine. Struggling with mood and the usual, but other than that can't complain. Just keep myself busy.

28.09.2019 16:00

My coffee hobby is getting pretty bad at this point, i need a bigger kitchen to fit all my gear xD I will finish my Master's in one year, and i think a nice espresso machine will be my gift for myself :)

Keeping yourself busy is important, just remember to also listen to yourself. Are you doing art these days?

30.09.2019 20:18

You have a nice voice within your writing that makes it very easy to read. I can't say the same about others where my eyes glaze over after a few sentences.

On the other hand, I will not even try to understand how you masterfully got that much texture in your drawing there. That's great work there. True art still exists in a world where computer software sadly thrives.

Spoiler alert! The music video was not what I was expecting at all. I was bracing for a violent scene where everyone dies at the end except the lead singer, but thankfully it stayed nice and peaceful.

27.09.2019 02:56

Thank you for saying that @steemmatt! I am not the native speaker, Latvian is my mother tongue and I am really glad I can get my thoughts across in understandable way :)

Hehe, I poked the paper with the pencil for couple of days as part of meditation to sort my thoughts. Drawing always helps me.

Woah you actually watched it? So cool ^^ Grimes is growing on me with her strange alien like works from the way she performs, layered lyrics to her videos.

28.09.2019 16:10

I'm not buying the Latvian mother tongue line there. You're originally from England and moved away at a young age to master the art of rock stacking. Don't worry, I won't blow your cover.

For having so many thoughts, you surely sorted them out quite nicely. I don't have anywhere near as many thoughts to do cool stuff with as you did. Even if I did, I'd never be able to create such detailed art as that. I'd just close my eyes and wing it.

I'm a drummer/big into music, so I love being exposed to new music or genres. I often check out what other people listen to, especially people from around the world. As a bonus, it also helps me understand people or their style a little bit better.

29.09.2019 01:52

The wing looks like it'd not be drawn/painted, but like it'd be skillfully made from fine fabrics. It looks awesome.

Also just found out what's curangel. It seems someone dislikes it as some posts are getting flagged, but it's a way to show you're doing meaningful work. Always if you upset an asshole by doing good, you're doing a lot of good.

27.09.2019 05:27

It seems that discord invitation is invalid. Odd, but I'll try to find a way.

27.09.2019 05:27

Thank you @apsu :) It took some careful, soft layering, loved working on it.

Yea, you know sometimes it is hard for people to accept the change.

Sorry, I think the link got borked in some way, try this one

28.09.2019 16:19

That is a great initiative and it is amazing that so many people curators are there, that makes it easy to find little talented "fishes" and give them the support. Thank you for your dedication to Steem communities and it is nice to see that another curation community was born!

27.09.2019 18:09

Thank you for your kind words @stef1! As the project grows we hope we will have greater impact and distribute as wide as possible. Will see, so far it has been really fun journey to see this thing come alive, develop and fine tune.

28.09.2019 16:34

Thank You very much for picking my post weaver ants for Curangel project. also for the support and upvotes :)

28.09.2019 03:59

Aww. Thank you @digitalis! Your photography is just phenomenal, keep up the good work and I am sure we will stop by often :)

28.09.2019 16:37

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Congratulations, keep up the great work!
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