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AQUATONE PROFESSIONAL: Portable, versatile treatment device, which works with Millimeter waves. Restores homeostasis and supports auto-regulation mechanisms, improves body’s own healing power, reduces inflammatory processes, helps deal with stress, anxiety, depression, reduces viscosity of body fluids and enables thereby a very effective detox of the lymph system, the liver and the kidneys. Effective for conditions of urogenital system, prostatitis, cystitis, cardiovascular conditions, inflammatory diseases of respiratory tract, diseases of the digestive tract, skin diseases, diseases of the joints (arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, frozen shoulder, ligament damage), diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system. Also great for faster recovery after injuries. NOW only USD 899!

 Portable therapy and wellness system for photobiological stimulation of the eyes, brain and hormonal system. With the help of modulated light emitting diodes, FIT 915 restores, repairs and stimulates vision, brain, endocrine glands, psycho-emotional balance, without causing stress or damages to the eyes. Improves also your mood, boosts performance, motivation, driving force, self esteem & confidence, cognition and energy. Helps you concentrate better, be more focused, more alert, have better memory and deal with stress. Stimulates dopamine, serotonin and endorphin production. NOW only USD 925!      
Photon therapy system, modulated with magnetic and scalar field. Compact, portable, affordable, great for deep detoxification, improvement of body fluid rheology, metabolic stimulation, cellular and matrix regeneration, pain relief. Triggers self-healing forces stimulates pineal gland and thus the melatonin secretion for a restful sleep. Stimulates collagen and restoration of connective tissue and skin, speeds up wound healing. Stress relief, depression, anxiety and insomnia therapy, emotional trauma cure. Allows you to create own custom remedies, energize your drinks, water, wine. NOW ONLY USD 485!      
Save big $$$$$$ create your own remedies and supplements. Multiverse therapy system, that simultaneously delivers scalar, photon, color therapy. It allows external modulation based on external audio signals, broadcasting of biological signals directly to the body or imprinting remedies. Great for regeneration, detoxification, pain relief, connective tissue & cartilages restoration and energizing of muscular skeletal body. Improves rheological properties of body fluids, blood, lymph, activates Mitochondria and enzymatic activity. Gives you energy boost, helps relieve stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, emotional trauma, Stimulates metabolic self-healing & cellular regeneration especially after injuries, surgeries, cell loss. Anti-inflammatory and anti-infection. NOW ONLY USD 1170!  
 Never more harmful electrosmog around you. Modern therapy device for stimulation and optimization of the CNS and ANS and to protect the nervous central system from electrosmog. The neurostimulation is made possible by the synergetic effects of color frequencies, brain specific vibrations and scalar magnetic fields. Great for protecting yourself against all types of electromagnetic radiation (W-LAN systems or W-LAN amplifiers, 5G facilities, radio masts, computer workstations, computer screens, mobile phones, modern motor vehicles and vehicles with electric motors, working with machines which have a high-power consumption, etc.). NOW ONLY USD 1645!

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