Made in China & Printed in India


Everybody loves a good bargain. What can be sweeter than the immediate gratification of an impulsive purchase?

There are endless marketing studies showing how our brain reacts when we see a red label on sales. We get hyper! That impulsed purchase makes us feel great. A buying decision is based on 20% logic and 80% emotion. This concept applies to any merchandise, from home appliances, clothing articles to books and so on...

When is the last time you purchased a book? A hard cover book, not one on your Kindle! Do your remember what you had to pay for it? Did you have any seconds thoughts before reaching for your wallet?


These classic bedtime stories were picked up at one of the local dollar stores. They are part of the same collection of stories for kids and they were printed in India. Each one of them was $1.50CAD. That is roughly the equivalent of $1USD.
A similar book would regularly cost somewhere in between $9 and $17. That if it was printed in here or maybe in Europe.

It is cheaper to have a book printed in China or India than in your own country. Book printing in China is close to 40% less costly than in North America. The quality is high and the minimum order is 500 pieces. For small volume printing that is cost effective.

Given that each book had close to 30 pages and had a nice hard cover, you must be wondering what is the author's profit if the book's price was so low? I would say close to none.


The globalization impacted our lives in so many ways that we are not even aware of. When we hear about companies setting up off shores, outsourcing, we are not really paying attention because we are not directly involved. It's passive news.

Content writers are faced with new competitor A.I. and the effects of globalization. The A.I. written content will surprise you, there is no doubt. Nowadays you can read a novel or even poetry written by a machine. Yes, we reached that point!

As a result, in the past two years many vetted freelance content writers have been replaced by the A.I. And this is only the beginning!


Think of how many jobs have become obsolete in the past two decades! As technology is advancing, the automatization process transcends into many other fields. Soon we will have to explain to our children what a cobbler, butcher, farmer, construction worker, mail man were, as they will be clueless.

Many careers will be heading to the trash can in the next decade. In spite of that, the educational system in most countries is not prepared for this upcoming step.

The automatization is simultaneously beneficial and detrimental for the human kind, as it takes humanity to the next level. It enables us to save time and get more things done. It improves productivity, reduces errors and lowers the costs.



It also leads to waste of resources. The mass consumerism is clearly destroying our planet. In order to break down from this cycle of mindless overconsumption, we need to slow down. Apply the 3 Rs or 5 R s rules of sustainability!

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Reduce! Reuse! Recyle! Repair! Refuse!

In a nutshell, buy less, reuse, repair what can be mend instead of buying a new item. Consumerism is one of the main culprits responsible for the climate change crisis that we are facing.

The new pair of shoes you just bought has contributed to those greenhouse gas emissions, just like matching top you couldn't say no to when you saw it was on special. Read the inside label and see where they were made. Then think of the distance they had to cover before they reached your hands.


Drop me a line in the comments section below if you are concerned about any of these issues!


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01.02.2020 09:13

I never realized that AI could write content now. I guess it's the rise of the Machines. We I would still prefer old fashioned writing from real people, writing that has a soul. Still up to the masses though if they would be putting brilliant minds out of business.

01.02.2020 10:33

The rise of the machines... we're getting there sooner than we thought!

03.02.2020 14:39

Oh my, black beauty was one of my favorite series on television a long time ago :)

01.02.2020 15:18

I used to watch it too!

03.02.2020 14:38

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
upvoted and resteemed!
❤ MWAH!!! ❤
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03.02.2020 04:36

Thank you!

03.02.2020 13:54

Love your post @lymepoet.
I haven't bought a hard copy book in quite some time now, I DO purchase ebooks.
People donate hard and soft cover books, mostly novels, so the VA (veterans administration, where I get my medical care) and they are placed in various waiting rooms, free to pick up and take home.

I get a lot of books that way.
Most of these came from that source, except for the religious books.
Likewise with these, except for the Music books.
Trying to decide if I'm keeping those or not
These are slated for re-donation, and THESE
Are documentation for software and keyboards.

I am VERY much an advocate for "Reduce, renew, reuse, recycle" although here in the US I've found that even stuff placed in the recycling really goes to the landfill.
And when you consider that for something glass or plastic to be suited for Recycling, it cannot have any food or oil residue, so washing with clean water before tossing it kinda defeats the purpose, no?
Post definitely upvoted and resteemed.
Well done

03.02.2020 16:40

So nice that you can get free books from the VA administration. As for dumping the recycling to the landfill, that is sad. I have heard some rumours about having it done in here too. Thank you for the support and resteem!

04.02.2020 03:18

I cringe at the thought of printed books going to be destroyed because no one reads them.
Even back home (the first time I experienced it) the local public library would have 'sales' of books that had not been checked out or read 'in-library' for very long times.
What we didn't buy, they through in the dumpster/trash. Hard back or paperback, didn't matter.
Many of those I find at the VA for free have library ID tags on them. Such a shame isn't it @lymepoet? Where are you from? I believe I've asked you but I don't remember atm

04.02.2020 11:12

I am in Montreal, Canada.

05.02.2020 12:45