Influenza vs Coronavirus - with a twist of Lyme


Have you ever wondered how many people die annually across the world due to Influenza, flu or even a nasty cold? Any idea? Take a wild guess!

According to CDC, since 2010 there were between 12,000 to 61,000 deaths per year only within the USA. Not to mention that many of the adult deaths related to flu usually go under-reported. IPAC Canada has reported 12,000 to 55,000 deaths.

In 2018, USA had the highest death toll in four decades, meaning 80,000 people got the flu and died while Canada had 55,000 deaths.

This winter, flu claimed 8200 victims (54 children) so far in the states, where as in Canada there have been only 10, mostly due to a influenza A strain, the regular flu.


How come that the media is not considering this topic as main stream? Why do we hear only about the outbreak of Coronavirus?

Wherever we go, this is the main topic. Whatever channel you watch or radio station you listen, Corona virus is on everyone's lips. Why is that? In US and Canada there is little to no risk of catching this virus. There is a much higher risk of getting the seasonal influenza than the Chinese virus.


The media is simply creating hysteria and the masses react accordingly. Today when I went to pick up my son from the school I noted that a quarter of the children were wearing masks. It reminded me of SARS outbreak. The masks varied from the regular ones you can get in a pharmacy to some fancy models that would make Darth Vader green with envy.

I imagined that all those kids wearing masks were having a cold or the flu. After a short conversation with two teachers I learnt that it was a preventive measure. The children were instructed by their parents to wear the masks during class and recess in order to prevent getting sick and contracting Coronavirus.

Note that a mask would not prevent the Corona virus from spreading. Also Canada has so far only three cases reported. None of them in Quebec though.



Usually flu is highly contagious and you can contract it even if you are more than couple of feet away from someone infected.

What can you do to prevent getting sick or not to spread it to others? Here are a few common practices:

  • wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds more than couple of times per day
  • use sanitizer to wash your hands if you don't have access to water
  • disinfect your working area (desk, computer, phone)
  • avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth)
  • sneeze or cough in a tissue, covering your mouth/nose to reduce spreading the germs
  • wash your hands after you sneeze / cough
  • avoid handling soiled tissues or objects used by an ill person


The name of this virus inspired people to create some meme /gifs that you make smile.

Corona Lyme.jpg

Image source: here

As a Lyme disease sufferer, I found these images hilarious. I must have developed a twisted sense of humour due to my Lyme.

Image source:here

Corona virus and Lyme disease!! - Imgur.png
Image source: here

Image source: here

centeer>Image source: here

What's your take on this issue? Drop me a line in the comments section below!


Comments 11

In my view of coronavirus is that it was either released by the United States of Torture or the Chinese dropped it...I tend to support the first option because of the trade war.
As for the flu virus, I think the secret labs intentionally mutate from year to year to resist treatments.As far as I know from school, genetic mutagies to organisms occur in hundreds and thousands of years, so "someone" creates them annually !!!

30.01.2020 07:05

I won't be surprised if that is the case. Each year we are getting a new "cocktail" served. Thanks for stopping by!

31.01.2020 02:04

I set an example for grandpa, who never had a cold, whereas now almost every one has a cold. And I get the feeling it's not the aging.
Now that you're out of the house, you've got a cold.Something's wrong!

31.01.2020 02:25

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30.01.2020 23:15

The people of Wuhan have been poisoned by environmental toxins, specifically dioxins, for decades. They have worn masks for years because they can not breathe there. Add 5G and of course they are sick. The coronavirus is a complete hoax. Deaths from the flu are also a hoax. Deaths from polio were a hoax. All of these deaths, with very few exceptions, were deaths from toxins. In the case of flu, it's death from toxins in the vaccines, tylenol, advil, nyquil, robitussin and especially tamiflu.

This all started when we drank the vaccine koolaid in the early 1900's regarding polio - all outbreaks of polio could be traced to DDT exposure, even president roosevelt's. Zika, another hoax virus, is attributable to neonics. Now whenever a populace exhibits symptoms of poisoning, the authorities wheel out a new and mysterious virus to blame it on, the medical/war/chemicals machine makes mucho moola, many people die, and we blame nature not greed and hubris and our own sloth.

I just had the flu. I am 65, supposedly high risk. I let my body's immune system handle it with a little natural medicine help (elder, echinacea, raw honey, rest, fluids) and was just fine by the sixth day. I passed the flu to my immune compromised daughter (another population we are told is at high risk) and she is nearly well again on day five.

Do not listen to people who will make money on our fear of this disease. They are all either liars or dopes.

It's all BS. Thank you for asking for my thoughts. I am really mad today because of this particular fraudulent fairy tale story everyone is focused on. Go about your life, reduce your toxin exposure to nearly nothing, and know that coronavirus is nothing but a pack of lies. And in Wuhan, it's turning out to be an excellent vehicle for authoritarians to practice human containment to quell unrest. We need to be smarter than our rulers are.

Lyme disease is a different story. I can tell because no one bothers to try to cure that, and in fact persons who have it are treated like they are just crazy. I'm so sorry you have that. I live where everyone gets it, everyone. Do not vaccinate for anything. Ever.

31.01.2020 17:13

Thanks for such a comment! I agree that is B.S. Just a few hours ago I was lectured by a pediatrician for my choice of not agreeing to vaccinate my child. In my province (Quebec) vaccination is not mandatory (yet!). Given my experience with Lyme, my tolerance towards doctors who don't give a crap about their patients is quite low. I learnt my lessons and don't want to go back to being a guinea pig, letting others decide what is better for my health or my child's.

01.02.2020 02:28

In the US, it is becoming impossible to find a doctor who does care about their patients. They care about their customers buying the drugs they've been taught (read 'brainwashed') are necessary to treat a particular illness. Young babies, for instance, are prescribed antacids when they cry too much. (they are probably experiencing a painful vaccine injury, not an excess of fucking acid) Excuse my language. I am very angry about this today, with the news talking about only two things, either the fairy tale being staged in Washington, or the virus the rulers just made up so we would feel as helpless as Hansel and Gretel in the witch's oven. Thank you for not vaccinating. We need you desperately.

01.02.2020 02:51

I knew nothing about this supposedly deadly virus until I read about it on here, I just don't follow the media and certainly don't look to it to tell me the truth. So here we have another epidemic I reckon it was due, when you look at all the others in the past. Time to push more medication and vaccinations on people. To me it is all a game, one fuelled by inducing fear into others. 'I hope you are well, it has been a while since I connected with you xx

31.01.2020 19:43

You won't see any truth in the media, that's for sure. You'll be served with they want to see and think. But you know that already. Nice to stumbled upon your post and re-connecting! xx

01.02.2020 02:30