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-Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I'd call myself a painter or an artist. I never thought I would be able to draw or paint. %0A%0AWhen my doctor suggested to me an art therapy class to help me cope with pain, I raised and eyebrow and told myself she was nuts. Little I knew at that time that her advice would actually benefit me more than I would have ever thought it would.%0A%0AA few years down the road after that day, while I was running out of options for coping with my chronic pain and the burning under the skin (perks of Lyme disease), I told myself I should give art therapy a try.%0A%0A### WHAT IS ART THERAPY?%0A%0AArt therapy is an approach used by certain physicians specialized in pain management, based on a mind and body technique. This two-steps treatment combines art media, creativity, and artwork created by patients to help them get back to a normal functionality.%0A%0A%0AThe process intensive step enables the patient to explore his emotions and discover something personal. The second step of this approach has little to do with art as it focuses on the patient's subconscious. By interpreting the newly created artwork of the patient, the therapist can understand the underlying problems.%0A%0A%0A### FIRST ATTEMPT AT PAINTING
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-The image above, Elders of the Enchanted Forest, is the first painting I ever did using acrylic colours. What do you think about it? Not bad for a rookie, right? I was really happy with the way Casper turned out.%0A%0ASeeing that window of opportunity painting offered me by enabling me to block my symptoms, I continued to paint almost each week. %0A%0AI was thrilled that I had found another way besides writing to escape the pain and the burning. More I painted, more I fell in love with the acrylics. %0A%0A

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