Save my soul from the human race

Hello humans



I've done a lot of Tarot readings on those days. Im happy Becaus I PAID FOR MY TRAVEL ♥ And Im goint trough an important audition as conquest itself.
Im in love with myself because I can work by myself and do whatever I want. Is difficult to make numbers with money, but money is only a Key as I always Said. And soon I'll do the activism I want with the money I need...


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I thinked about #Veganism on these days..
Animal's divine Tarot ♥
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How did this #fullmoon treated you?
I found that is coming a really big change in this world. Sometimes I cant put my head in place because when I get happy to see that more people is going #vegan suddendly appears a post of a friend who tells me that rabbits are geting extinct..

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You love animals but you eat them. You buy animal products and think that democracy is real.
Stop being such a human!

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