Animals in Danger of extinction #Polarbear

Look at this photo. What is the difference between this and you and your mother?
Why can't animals be happy as you?

"Animals have no feelings"
(This photho is from google)

I want you to get noticed that we're killing animals. How? When we eat meat, when we throw trash on the floor and decide not to recycle. (because at this stage of history "not recycle" is a choice) ,

when we have children and we don't use cloth diapers, when we decide to go by bus and not use the bicycle ,
when we buy rice in package and the packaging we throw it in the trash and when we look to the other side : IGNORANCE

Today not knowing about pollution is Ignorance. Looking trough an hipocresy mirror and giving up any chance of evolution and compasion with Nature.

Nature is my house and I want to care of it. Animals are friends not food. Trees are friends not trash.. We don't need hectares for cow's food. We need forests to run and be happy.
You'll say: "How could I HELP when polar bears are diying.. they are animals and they are far away from me and my familiy .. I don't care. Really it doesn't causes any harm in my body or mind or soul... I don't care"
Little humans : Polar bears can't eat because the animals they eat are dying, and even you, because the fish you eat is not healthy as you think.

Polar bears are DIYING


What would happen if we all get vegan?
Maybe you think that the changing doesn't depends on you but eating meat is about culture. First you, then your family then your neighbour and then the contry.. then the world

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