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Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are all well. I want to share the beauty of my area with you today and I hope you will like it very much.This morning I got up early in the morning, washed my hands and face, and after the dawn, the call to Fajr began, and I went to the mosque to offer the Fajr prayer, and there I offered the reward prayer. After I recited the Qur'an and then came back I thought the weather was beautiful so I thought I'd visit the park today. I went to the park. When I entered the park, I saw that many more people had come to enjoy today's cool breeze. I walked there for a while and I saw the park. I have beautiful flowers in bloom so I made pictures of the ones that looked so cute that I want to share with you.I spent some time in the park and taking pictures. Then I decided to return to the home and when I got back home, I fell asleep to rest for a while. After resting for a while, I woke up and I took a shower and changed my clothes.Then I thought I should share the beauty of the area with you today so I left my house after a while and started taking pictures of the beautiful areas around me.And I want to share those pictures with you. I hope you will like this picture very much and you have never seen such pictures before. These pictures are captivating.




Beautiful plants

In these pictures that I have shared with you, you can see that very beautiful and lovely plants are seen.Such plants are planted to enhance the beauty of the parks and offer a very beautiful view.These plants are pruned to make them more beautiful. They offer a beautiful view of the plants that plants can be seen in almost every park.And I hope you enjoy these plants.




Beautiful field

Then I went to the beautiful fields of my area.I saw more beautiful places in my area and took pictures of them. I enjoyed a lot today and saw the beauty of my area and by taking pictures of them, I am sharing it with you and I hope. You will love the beauty of my area.There are many more beautiful places in my area that is why my area offers a very beautiful view.There is all kinds of beauty in my area and it is worth seeing.
I went to the fields early this morning and when I got there I saw greenery all around and it was a very beautiful sight.The rice crop was widely grown there. Pakistani rice is number one in the world in terms of taste and aroma.The rice crop is grown in the summer. It was a beautiful sight. I made a picture of it which I am also sharing with you.




Beautiful area picture

The weather was very pleasant so I went to see the beautiful places in my area and I photographed them which I am also sharing with you.At one point I saw the sun hidden in the clouds and some of its light coming out of the clouds. It was a very beautiful scene. I took a picture of it.


Then I went to the canal near my area and there I took a picture of it.Canal water is very useful for crops. Farmers take full advantage of it and also save their electricity cost as they do not have to run tube wells.There is a canal water facility in my area so the crops grow very well here.


I saw a very beautiful scene in a place today. Some ducks were playing by the side of the pond. I made a picture of them which I am also sharing)

I hope you like the picture I shared with you very much. You can see that I have red flowers blooming which are making the atmosphere very beautiful and very lovely. Besides, their aroma makes the atmosphere even more pleasant and people enjoy it a lot.I like red flowers very much because when they bloom they make the environment very beautiful and their aroma is very sweet.Flowers make the atmosphere very pleasant and at the same time they add to the newness of the environment. I hope you will like this post very much.

You can see in this picture that pink flowers are visible. These flowers are considered as one of the most beautiful flower in my area and such flowers are planted for beauty.Such flowers are usually planted on the main gates of the Crow and give a very beautiful view.These flowers are planted in large numbers in my area and such flowers can be seen near the door of almost every house.

ul view.These flowers are planted in large numbers in my area and such flowers can be seen near the door of almost every house.


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Wow beautiful pictures and you have explained each and every thing about it

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Your photography is unique, flowers and plants are looking so sweet.
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Beautiful unique photography.
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