THE DAIRY GAME:31/03/2021

Goodmorning fello steemit brothers and sisters. Hope everyone had sound sleep. Wish you all a blessed day.

I woke up from bed at 5 am and we said our morning prayers. I went into doing my accounts which lastest about one hour . When i was done with my accounts i picked up my pjone and wrote my dairy.

At about 6:30am i went outside to brush my teeth. I finished and left immediately to the batheroomand freshened up. As i finished preparing my mother inlawhad fried some plantains and ate and drank tea. By 9am i left the house for hustle . I visited my few debtors in just two hours and work was over.

I went through the office to arrange one or two things before going home.



When I was done in the office I passed through the garage because I had a fault on my bike, before I got home at about 5:30 p.m.

While waiting for the mechanic to finish with the work he had to do, on the bike, I sat somewhere and wrote my Best Day contest. I finished when he was still working on the bike so I just stood there watching him as he rounded up. He was done in a short while and I left for the house. I got home and my mother-in-law and my wife were all sitted outside.

Food was served so I ate and carried my baby and we watched the television together. By 7:30pm I went to freshen up came back to the room.

It was time to sleep so i decided to assist my wife in changing the baby's diaper



As i finished, we went into our thanksgiving prayer. Which brought my day to an end

Thank you all for your time.

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