How to have good self-esteem


The way we value ourselves is very important, as it influences many things in our life. What makes having a stable or healthy self-esteem essential, self-confidence and self-esteem is very important. Self-esteem is so decisive in our life, that it affects our attitudes, decision-making, the selection of objectives and goals, self-control or self-regulation of our behavior and in all areas, both work, personal relationships, sex, food, health etc.

Having low self-esteem is one of the most frequent problems in today's society, many of the complex ones, physical or psychological, are associated with low self-esteem.

That's why I bring you 5 tips to maintain a healthy self-esteem

  • Forget about negative thoughts

We all know our defects, normally a person with low self-esteem, have it clearer. Well, you must overshadow them with your virtues, you must highlight your virtues, without being a pre-powerful person or trying to attract attention, you just have to stay with courage and a positive attitude. They all have some virtue, even if you don't believe it, that's the way it is. Go with someone you trust, who knows you and ask about your virtues, remember the good things you have done in the day, take note of your achievements. You will end up realizing what your virtues and talents are.

You must remember how valuable you are as a person and that every problem has a solution, you just have to be positive and decisive.

  • Set goals


Make an analysis about yourself, and think about, what do you want in your life. So that you get the most out of your virtues and talents, so that you stand out, on a personal, professional, social level, etc. It does not matter if it is a hobby, a sport or a simple activity, what matters is that you are noticing your achievements and objectives that you are fulfilling thanks to your way of being, what you like, your specialty. What you should do is set those goals with respect to your strengths, as the idea here is to highlight the activities that you like, or are valuable for. Life is full of setbacks and failures, but they make us grow as a person, no matter how hard you fight for a goal, you must understand that things are achieved with effort.

  • Relate with people who treat you well

Get away from all those toxic relationships, some people have a personality and a way of being that when acting, can make you feel bad, or can hurt you psychologically, as well as physically. There is also the other side of the coin, the people who lift your spirits, with the deal, what they tell you or simply with their presence. Of this type of people are the ones that you should relate to. Find people with whom you should not pretend to be someone else, with whom you can be yourself and can express the best of yourself.

  • Focus on what is going well


One of the things that usually happens to people with low or unstable self-esteem, is that they are used to thinking only, about problems, about negative and bad things that are happening or happened to them. You can easily get dominated by the negative things that happened to you in the day, but unless you balance it with the positive things, you will go wrong. The next time you are complaining about yourself, or speaking ill of yourself because of negative things that have happened to you, you should think about the positive that has happened to you to counteract it. Be careful not, I mean that you should not pay attention to the problems you have, but we should not focus only on the bad, we must maintain a balance.

  • Be generous and help other people

Giving support to others, or helping, is one of the best ways to grow your self-esteem, make being a kind and respectful person a habit, do positive things for others no matter what, no matter what Small as they are, this will make you proud. You can help your friends with chores, contribute to a fundraiser, help clean up your neighborhood. Ask others if they need help and how you can help them.

Thank you for reaching the end of the post, I hope you liked it and it will serve you. All the best.

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Excelente post hijo, el autoestima es la percepción y concepto que tenemos de nosotros mismos segun nos percibimos y nos percibe la sociedad. Todos los seres humanos somos maravillosos porque somos una creación de Dios, solo por eso somos perfectos.

19.02.2021 23:21

Gracias tía😝😄, muy cierto, el ser humano es maravilloso

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Excelente 👍

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