MCO Visa Card ( — get FREE Netflix and Spotify

This is my experience with the Ruby Steel MCO Visa card.

The company is offering free crypto cards that allow you to pay with your cryptocurrency in the real world.
The card is currently available in USA and in Singapore. BUT just a few weeks ago it got green lights for europe.

I got the card just in order to get a free Spotify premium account. BUT after a while, I caught myself using it more and more for my daily purchases. I am really enjoying the 2% cashback from my card.

Currently, there are 5 different cards available:

All cards have no annual costs or fees you just need your MCO in stake.

The blue card needs no MCO in stake and gets you 1% cashback, which is actually not bad to be honest.

MCO Visa Cards work anywhere Visa is accepted. Moreover, users will earn an industry leading up to 5 percent cryptocurrency cashback on everyday transactions.

The Ruby Steel

The Ruby Steel needs 50 MCO in stake, which is equivalent to ca. $200
The red card is the one I am currently using and I think for the price of $200 it provides a great value for money.

In case I use the premium Spotify account for 2 years it would cost me: 24 months $10 = $240*

You see in the long run I save a lot of money AND get 2% per cent cashback for EVERY purchase

The other cards I have not tested yet, however the black card seems perfect for business persons and travellers as it offers free a LoungeKey™ with Airport Lounge Access.

To order a card, iOS and Android users can download the app, select their desired card and complete a three-minute onboarding process to register.

I recommend you to test the Ruby Steel MCO card yourself and I hope you will enjoy your free Spotify Premium account as much as me!

Register now and get immediately 50$ for your ruby steel card.

In order to get the 50$, you need to verify your account and deposit the 50 MCO for the Ruby steel card.
The 50 MCO just need to be locked in for 6 month so after your lock-in time, you will get back your 50 MCO.

Here is my personal referral link for the $50:

If you register via app please use this code: dwekwg9xf

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