Yea, I can vote again!

How many days have it been..?

Finally some selfvoting again! <3
(Voting ur farmaccount or ur circle jerk is selfvoting!)

Also dont forget to flag others! ;]

One would think after 20 Hardforks they were doing some progress.. In reality each hardfork just got worse in implementation, we will also see about the EIP and SPS..

People who provide services (like frontends) should also implement a list of running nodes..
The chain was already running again for a day but no normie could contact it cuz all services just used nodes which where down..

Maybe this helps..:

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Yeah it has been too many days! Glad you can upvote again!! Time to start the farm!

03.09.2019 05:39

on and off for me... but welcome! :D

03.09.2019 13:16