The Wanderer


The Wanderer above mists painting is the original: I really like that in the city one is still the right rock :D


sadly I don't know and therefore can't tell you who made the city version but I just love it so much that I had to share it with you!
if I manage to get this information, I'll add it! :)

also check this track out for some night wander vibes ;)

kinda make me wanna paint. I also really eed practicing cuzz I hate my skills.. but I have to take time for it :s
if I have free time, I mostly use it to go out wandering to have more movement and balance myself out. (sadly I'm still in pain)

this one is also a great one by Friedrich. I already was several times at the real spot on Rügen ;)

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Schöne Gemälde. Die "Neufassung" find ich super. HAt was :)


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Schön mal wieder von dir zu hören :)

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Das Citybild hat echt was - eine Melange aus Vergangenheit und Moderne - gepaart mit Romantik und Natur.


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