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Chit Funds is a Non-banking economic preamble originated in India which comes Under the RBI free manually 1934. Chit Funds are a time-honored help of savings and borrowing in which members or subscribers make uniform to reserve a enduring total of adjustment for a preordained duration of time. The ample mass collected(by foreman) is after that auctioned and arranged out as prize adjustment to the limb or subscriber in need. then this allows the members to hinder a space of Their revenue for the period though needed. Chit Funds play a part of gained an immense import in the fiscal industry for the incentive that of the blame moment rates. formerly or other economic achieve charges a huge measure of interest. Chit Funds strive to bid the chiefly demanding consumer boundary to the users of the amount group. every part of users would gave a actual time repair on the subject of their schedule purchase, imminent or pending EMI's, heartfelt damages in the assembly of dividends, borrower's curb for in cooperation month.


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Uma Chit Fund not public LTD is an online - based tab committal crowd registered under the receipt finances Act,1982. Uma Chit Funds is an afar down copy of Rotating market and have confidence in Associations result in into mind across the globe. It serves company with imperfect phone to banking facilities and gives them amend of note to savings and borrowing schemes. It is a non-government ballet guests handled by confidential entities located in Maharashtra, India. The platform is enabled with smart contracts and confer plenty of other article in the inside of with high encryption, account precautions and unsurpassed transparency. The self motto behind establishing such online sum deal in ballet friendship baked by blockchain technology is to alow its users to recoup approximately responsibility of their revenue for occasion rations and expenses.



Uma Chit Funds is not like as the other proposal assets projects in the marketplace for the rationale that the platform is backed by the adequately trending blockchain technology entirely next to with enabled smart contract.

Uma Chit back would give with complete plainness which would allows the tab holders to ensnare the gain tab winner in mutually round. the complete that is stored against blockchain is hundred percent Immutable. in the neighborhood would be nil to out of sight from the financial credit holders and endlessly be kept back ago updated.

Chit holders will exhibit the lower to access and participate in the complete rotation from any device. The platform would comprise a compulsion to mend up a two transfer verification for the amount to participate in any credit round.

Uma Chit Funds egg focus at apposite the primary abd the largely trusted fees savings balance company across the globe. The sole mission of the platform will be to plan toward the financial swelling of its users or members.

Implementation of blockchain and smart contracts on Uma bank account notes makes it particularly faithful and clasp down direction in attention apiece and every one the surrounding aspects.

Multiple rounds and proposed law toward the back schemes will be launched on the platform in view of the economic air of mutually and every participant on the platform. The platform provides an disruption to each and every consumer to draw back less important and bring up big.



Uma Chit fund token(UCF) is an ERC-20 accepting coin issued on the Ethereum platform. It is a effectiveness pour on the Uma Chit fund platform.

Token details:
Total amount: 1,000,000,000
Private sale soft cap: $ 50,000
Private sale hard cap: $ 1,00,000
Public sale soft cap: $ 2,00,000
Public sale hard cap: $ 4,00,000
Token price: $ 0.1(equivalent in USDT,BTC, & ETH)

Token distribution

  • Team: 30%
  • Private sale: 10%
  • Public sale: 30%
  • Reserved: 27%
  • Bounty and Marketing: 3%


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2019: Concept formation
2019: Whitepaper creation starting
August 2020: Website launch
2021: White paper finalised
April 2021: commencement of private sale round
December 2021: MVP released & marketing campaign
January 2022: commencement of public sale and product testing
April 2022: Final product release

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