WIM HOF Breathing Exercise Challenge 1st week

Hi there i am back and today i want to share my experience of WIM HOF breathing exercise that i am performing since last couple of days. This is the next level breathing exercise i have ever seen.

Immunity is basic requirement and one of the most important thing is immunity fight with many disease. And if you want to boost your immunity power then this is the breathe exercise that can help you a lot in this particular goal.

Especially in covid time we need immunity and without immunity you can't fight with covid and other diseas. Well if i talk about me then i have cough and cold issue but after trying this particular exercise, the cough and cold issue decreased a lot.


And that is the firt result that made me happy and i will never stop doing this exercise as well as i am doing workout in gym and you can do it before going to the gym.

I prefer early in the morning for this exercise and evening time is body workout time in gym.

Wim hof is a dutch athlete and he introduced this breathing technique and he changed the life of many people. Let me share jhow to perform you this exercise.

Just sleep or sit in relaxing position. Then do completely inhale and then little deep inhale and exhale and after that you have to stay without any air as much time possible and intially you face little difficulty but later your time will increase.


After that again inhhale deeply and hold for 15 to 20 seconds and then you can exhale. So here you have performed complete one cycle of this exercise.

Anyway let's talk about the other benefit. Thsi exercise increae the flow of oxygen and it will give you benefit in heart and lungs related problems and increase your immunity.

So i am feeling great after performing this exercise regularly and i will do it regularly for sure. Have a good day.

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